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New Health Minister Greg Hunt: Australian Dialysis Patients w/ aHUS Need Soliris to Live!

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There is a drug that would allow those on dialysis with aHUS in Australia to get a kidney transplant and live a normal life.  But the government has maintained a policy of denying it.  These patients are in desperate need of your help and you can make a difference by signing this petition!

Atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome (aHUS) is an ultra-rare life-threatening blood disease that can damage major organs like the kidneys, heart, brain, and can even cause death.  Soliris (eculizumab) is the only approved drug that can save the lives of those with aHUS.  It is saving lives in the US, Spain, France, England, Germany, Russia, Argentina, Italy, and other countries. 

Over 2 years ago the Australian government made the decision to finally fund Soliris for a small number of aHUS patients who met “defined clinical criteria”.   Great news, right?  Well it was great news for those who were new patients with active aHUS.  But those who had already lost their kidneys due to their aHUS, and were on dialysis in need of a kidney transplant, were denied this drug that would save their lives.  Without access to Soliris, a transplanted kidney would suffer the same aHUS attack as their native kidneys.  

A meeting is scheduled for July 2017 by the PBAC to discuss funding Soliris for those patients needing a kidney transplant.  Let’s show the government that we have a big voice and we expect them to make Soliris available to all who need it. 

Please sign this petition telling Greg Hunt MP, the new Minister for Health in Australia; Professor Andrew Wilson, Chair of the PBAC; Alex Best, PBS advisor; and Dr. John Paul, PBAC Director that they should immediately provide Soliris to those patients in Australia with aHUS who are on dialysis and in need of a kidney transplant.  And please leave a comment when you sign.  Each comment will generate an email to the recipients of this petition.

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