Help Protect the Lancashire Meat Pie!

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Lancashire has long been regarded as homeland to the humble pie, but this British Pie Week, Holland’s Pies is going a step further by beginning the process to formalise Lancashire’s pie heritage under the Protected Food Name Scheme and renaming its iconic Meat Pie, to be the Lancashire Meat Pie.

The scheme already covers products such as the Cornish pasty and Cumberland sausage, and Holland’s is hoping that the Lancashire Meat Pie can join the list. Synonymous with the region, the pie has been baked in Baxenden as far back as the 19th century and enjoyed by generations of people for just as long.

In addition to its history, the pie’s unique cooking method and ingredients set it apart from other pies, making it an ideal candidate for protected status. Cooked in specially designed tins, as opposed to foil trays, this gives the pies their famous ‘fried bottom’ effect and ensures that the carefully seasoned beef and pork and tasty jelly is kept inside the pie until the first bite is taken.

By signing Holland’s petition, you can show just how passionate Lancashire is about its pies and why the Lancashire Meat Pie deserves recognition and protected status!