Action Against Julius Malema

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Citizen's of South Africa demand that Julius Malema and the political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters be immediately held accountable for hatespeech , incitement to commit violence , creating social unrest , and publicly promoting racial persecution against minorities. We demand that the ANC acknowledges and accepts responsibility for not acting against this party , for the purpose of it achieving their goals of dispossession of minorities and the erosion of their property rights. These new policies of restitution of land and property rights are not reflections of the values that the 'New South Africa' was founded on , and goes against principles set by Mandela and the spirit of National Unity.  

We demand the South African government stops all land invasions and provides legislation that can enforce it . 

We are charging the ANC of treason for allowing criminal elements within the ANC to steal the nations wealth and for not intervening when caught , for not protecting it's minorities from racial persecution and for sowing racial divisions within our country through racist policies .