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Keep Annie in Day Program 1!

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Annie is a woman living with autism and a mood disorder, and is prone to self-harm. She needs Day Program 1, where she's been going to for over 12 years, to keep stability in her life, especially because CROM*, the institution calling all the shots in her life, will be moving her to a different house, outside their jurisdiction. The Day Program is the only intervention plan that has ever worked at keeping her from going off he deep end. Yet CROM has decided, without consulting family, established intervention plans, or her private curators, that Annie is not allowed at stay at the Day Program, because the new home is too far, and they don't want to fork out the money to pay for bus fare. This will cause her to spiral into depression and more self-harm, which adds insult to injury because she will be coping, at the same time, to moving to a new home. They want her to be in a constant state of crisis.

This decision was made despite the fact that two other Day Program participants live in this 'too far away' home, yet continue to get their transport paid. So why is Annie being left in the dark? It's an infringement of Annie's basic human rights.

Please help us convince CROM to keep Annie in Day Program 1. It's her favourite place, teaches her life skills she won't learn anywhere else, and is the most supportive and stabilizing environment she's ever had, with professionals that can anticipate her needs and prevent her from hurting herself.

And she can't speak up for herself. If CROM gets their way, Annie will never see her Day Program again, and won't understand why. And it's all to save a few bucks.

Please help us make sure Annie can keep enjoying her life as she knows it with the people she knows and trusts. CROM wants to re-invent the wheels of Annie's life, even though the Day Program IS what works. Let's throw her a life preserver and pull her back to familiar shores. People living with disabilities can't be juggled around like this because of a bureaucratic budgetary decision.

Please sign, then share widely. Just because she lives with a disability doesn't mean she's not allowed to be happy and stable. Annie is at least worth the cost of bus fare.


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