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The HPP Membership at the Oct 2017 meeting voted unanimously to authorize a forensic analysis performed on the HPPOA finances. During the discussion for the motion the members heard that a forensic analysis is the process of reviewing a company's financial statements to determine if they are accurate and lawful. However, the majority board has now voted the forensic analysis down twice and it is believed that they have no intention of following through with the “acts” of the membership as stated by the bylaws. 

We need this forensic analysis.  It will help members move forward with confidence if the analysis proves there has been no mismanagement or corruption.  If the analysis proves otherwise, then the appropriate employee/s and district directors may be held accountable.  Suspicions arose when financial information started being withheld from the Finance Committee (the membership's checks and balances) and other non transparencies occurring over the past 3 years when the chip seal project started.  And just as concerning these non transparencies have extended to some of the directors on the board and the members themselves who are ALL entitled to this information.  The Finance Committee has been deliberately denied specific financial information and have not been included in reviewing ALL proposed expenditures and current contracts.  After a great deal of persistence by the current board president, Dist 5 and the Dist 7 director, they were finally able to obtained two contracts from the GM for the chip seal project and for the vendor who maintains the main drag easements.   These contracts along with all other HPPOA financial dealings were not available to the Finance Committee and certain board directors until a few months ago after we've been doing business with both vendors over the past 3 years.  Once the current Finance Committee reviewed the 2 contracts, they advised the board to cease doing business with both vendors because they did not have contractors licenses, workman's comp insurances, etc.  It was also discovered it wasn't the board officers who signed the contracts but the GM, which is against our corporate policy and bylaws.  His reply for this was that the previous boards gave him authorization to sign contracts which is also against our bylaws.  The chip seal road work has proved to be shoddy and how to remedy this situation has not yet been discussed by the board.

Current obstruction by the majority board to have a forensic analysis after the membership voted for it unanimously only sends red flags.  An office employee at the time of the membership vote threw out an inflated price tag to try and dissuade and influence the vote, but the membership still voted unanimously because they felt the forensic analysis was worth it. There is no reason to deny the membership after they gave authorization to the board to spend the funds to have a forensic analysis.  We have the funds to do it and it's considered proper protocol in business practices, so there is absolutely NO reason for the board not to follow through with it.  A forensic analyst,  Dirk Von Guenthner, spoke at the Nov 2017 board meeting where he said all businesses have a forensic analysis every few years or so. A forensic analysis has never been performed for HPPOA. HPP has a financial "audit" every year but this is completely different from a forensic analysis.  He said the process would start by reviewing all of HPP's bank statements.  Mr Von Guenther said “if anything stinks”, he will find it as he's been doing this work for over 40 yrs. 

 Mahalo for your consideration to participate in this very important membership endeavor.


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