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Sign to PAUSE CTC from Accepting Recommendations on the Child Development Permit Matrix

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California Child Development Administrator’s Association is requesting that the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) pause the recommendations from the Advisory Panel on the Child Development Permit Matrix.  Many of the recommendations would dramatically increase the already existing hardship of finding qualified staff NOW and the ability of operators to pay equitable wages.

CCDAA believes that all children deserve high quality early learning environments. It has long been shown that the quality of a program depends on high quality adult to child interactions. In order to increase benefits and quality of programs, we cannot do this on the backs of teachers, continuing to require more of them without adequately compensating them for their work. We are supportive of improvement measures, but with the following comments and recommendations:

1. A number of years ago the CTC increased requirements for child development permits with no coordination with the Legislature, to provide additional funding to compensate staff for higher qualifications.  As a result, teachers with substantial college training, mostly females, have continued to be denied living wages.  Please do not allow this gross inequity and equal pay injustice, to occur again.

2. Teachers in state funded ECE programs ARE highly qualified, and provide high quality and educational programs to children; although these teachers are seriously underpaid.  This often results in financial hardships for the teachers in our programs.

3. The ECE field is open to discussing more limited and phased in changes to the current permit matrix, which do not threaten the jobs of existing teachers or the closure of programs, and can be reasonably achieved.


  • Associate Teacher Permit: We recommend allowing an Associate Teacher to continue to supervise children in a classroom. Under the current proposal, Associate Teachers will no longer be able to supervise children on their own, which is common at the start and end of an 11 to 12 hour program day. This will force the layoff of thousands of Associate Teachers while programs seek staff with teacher permits.  There is already a shortage of staff with all levels of permits. Programs will be forced to close classrooms, and terminate families and their children from care, because they are unable to find staff with Teacher Permits.
  • Site Supervisor Permit: We oppose the elimination of the Site Supervisor permit.  This permit should not be combined/merged with the Master Teacher Permit as it has a different purpose/intent.  Replacing  the Site Supervisor permit with a Teacher Specialist Permit plus administrative authorization, could create a major problem for programs that utilize a Site Supervisor to oversee an multi-classroom center.  Many site supervisors function solely as site administrators, not as “teaching specialists” and the title of their permit should reflect the administrative role of their position which is recognized and required by CCLD regulations.
  • Program Director Permit: We recommend maintaining the current permit structure.  The proposed Child Development Director permit will require more education and experience.  There is already a shortage of directors who hold this permit and this change will make it substantially more challenging to hire staff.

4. The timeline for implementation of the new matrix is unclear.  In 2014, when the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) revised its staffing qualifications[1] for accredited early childhood programs, those programs were given a fifteen-year phase-in period, to allow sufficient time for existing staff to complete the recommended levels of education.  In 2007, the federally funded Head Start program allowed a phase-in period[2], along with financial resources to assist classroom staff in completing the required coursework.  We recommend at least a five-year implementation phase-in, to allow programs an opportunity to meet the significant challenges of meeting the proposed requirements.

5. The process of “grandfathering” staff with current permits should be examined.  For existing staff to upgrade their permits, many will need years to complete the necessary coursework, particularly those who are working full time in early childhood programs.

6. Although the commission is not taking into account the financial aspect of these proposals, it is critical to mention that with the increases in the minimum wage, operators will be forced to cut staff wages to afford the higher pay for higher qualified staff.  Teachers will be required to have more college units, but there is no provision for higher wages or financial assistance in order to achieve the increased education requirements.

CCDAA would be pleased to provide expert panel members to address these issues at any upcoming meetings or hearings.  We can also answer any questions or provide additional information by contacting Nina Buthee at
(916) 443-5919 or

We appreciate the consideration of our concerns and look forward to collaborating on the recommendations moving forward.


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