Add an Audio Programs category to IMDB

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Petition to IMDB Leadership:
Col Needham, Chief Executive Officer
Rob Grady, Chief Operating Officer
Jordan Hay, Chief Technology Officer
Barbara McKay, Principal Marketing Manager
Emily Glassman, Head of PR & Talent Relations

Audio programs have earned an increasingly prominent role in today's entertainment landscape. Whether podcast or radio, fiction or non-fiction, serial or stand-alone, programs ranging from This American Life to Welcome to Night Vale to The Archers rely on the efforts of producers, directors, writers, actors, narrators, researchers, editors, engineers, and countless others, in an incalculable array of storytelling talent.

It is time for their achievements to be fully recognized on IMDB, in a designated category for audio programs. In the words of fiction podcast The Truth, audio programs are "movies for your ears," and to omit them from an ostensibly comprehensive database is to cultivate a willful blind spot. Many cast and crew members of audio programs have performed similar work for television, film, video games, animation, news programs, or talk shows, and find their profiles on IMDB incomplete, as only a portion of their career is acknowledged.

To have a centralized hub where the full range of their work is recognized is not only right, but practical. And with popular podcasts like The Bright Sessions, Crimetown, Welcome to Night Vale, and Alice Isn't Dead in development as TV series that will be (or already are) recognized on your site, it is only logical to recognize their origins, and create a complete picture of a show's creative universe.

Adding an audio programs category to IMDB would only drive traffic to your site, and attract a wide community of creators and listeners. The audience for audio programs will only continue to grow, and as evidenced by the increasingly popular #AudioOnIMDB hashtag, calls for a designated category will only be amplified. If IMDB strives to be an authoritative database of entertainment talent in 2018, it is only right to make a place for the thriving, inventive, and much-loved medium of audio programs, which are already woven into the fabric of today's entertainment world.

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