Appointment of State Education Minister in Karnataka #EducationMinisterBeku

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#EducationMinisterBeku: Dear CM Kumaraswamy, Appoint an Education Minister in Karnataka.

Since about eight months, Karnataka has not had an education minister appointed due to the politics of the coalition government. As a result of this, the budgetary allocation for education, effective policy implementation have taken a backseat.

Due to this, millions of students' future across the state hangs in the balance. Chief Minister Kumaraswamy desires to replicate a global example by refurbishing schools and colleges, yet fails to move education on top of the priority list.

#SaveGovtSchools movement has taken a great shape, accumulating good response from the citizenry. Implementation of state education policy is impending, resulting in disastrous policy paralysis.

It has been nearly eight months since N Mahesh tendered his resignation as the education minister. Far too many responsibilities lies on the CM’s plate, additionally, a portfolio like education must have a dedicated minister administering it. Hence, we make an appeal to the Chief Minister to appoint a dedicated minister who can handle the education portfolio hereon.