Close down ZSL London Zoo!

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Zoo’s have been around for years - for the entertainment to humans. As a child I remember being taken to a Zoo for a school trip and thinking how horrible it was that these animals we claim to love so much.. are living their lives in a compact area behind a glass window. I remember seeing the sadness in a gorillas eyes and the sorrow in a elephant - I felt no happiness there. Enough is enough, we have to be rid of zoo’s, starting with ZSL LONDON ZOO, there have been many who have challenged my pursuit in closing zoo’s by saying “We are protecting them from the wild, from extinction, we are giving them a longer life...”

My reply is and will always be - we are being selfish, we think we have the dominion to cage these animals and then try to justify that we are doing it to protect them. When in fact these animals should be taken to sanctuaries or to conservation parks in their natural habitat, they belong in their natural habitat where they do not have people taking photos of them or confined to small spaces. Why are we making them live long miserable lives? Why do we make terrible decisions for those who cannot speak for themselves? Preventing extinction can be done without the use of Zoo’s, we do not need to submit them to a long and sad life. We must come together and realise that the only use of Zoo’s are solemnly for our purpose and it needs to stop. Animals are our equals and we as humans should not make them endure lives we assume they need.

I hope that we can come together and understand that these Zoo’s make money from these animals and claim that we need Zoo’s in order to learn about them. We can learn about animals without having zoo’s, I did not need that school trip all those years ago to learn about what a penguin eats or how it lives, I did not need to see this penguin living in a artificial environment. We should stop using animals to our liking. Yes Zoo’s provide jobs but why are we subjecting these animals to live this way just to provide us with jobs? Surely there are other ways! They do not deserve this. I hope you reading this will join me in trying to spread this word - let us change for the better, let us release these animals back into their habitats which we can work together to ensure they are put into safe sactuaries where they can live in their own home, let them breathe fresh air and be free without a glass window in their way or a cage to return to at the end of the day. It is time for this change, we let this go on for far too long.

Please join me and spread the word, please assist me in making this happen. We need to reach out to those with authority to aid us in helping these animals escape from this entrapment. If we win we will have saved these animals from years of misery and give them their real homes and if we lose, we will keep trying. They need us - we speak for them when it benefits us but we do not speak for them when they are living in cages. I want to speak for them and I want people to join me - we take too much for granted but I do not want to live in a world where animals are made to live this way as I care deeply for each and every animal out there. I care because I have seen the pain in their eyes, I have seen the difference in behaviour from animals in zoo’s to animals in the wild or conserved safari parks. It hurts me that I as a human am able to make decisions for myself and to be free to roam where I want to. We would never cage humans! We would never do that each other so what makes it ok to do it to them? Zoo’s are like a museum to see animals, animals that have been taken from their habitat. We do not need to have zoo’s anymore - we never did! Now there are sanctuaries around the world, conservation parks where we can take these animals so they can be cared for and protected in their own habitats. The circle of life takes its course and we can help prevent extinction and endangered species in other ways rather than caging them in an artificial building. 

We have to start somewhere, be part of something. 

Thank you. 

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