Make Fraser Heights Recreation Centre a safer environment for all

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The current staff members at Fraser Heights Recreation Centre are irresponsible and purposely creating safety hazards. The customers have had multiple discussions with the staff and yet they are not taking any actions and continuing to further disputes. Listed below are the incidents where the conflicts have occurred.


Case 1. The Friday Drop-In Youth Lounge is said to be from 6:30PM - 10:00PM on the official website, but the workers are constantly ending it earlier and forcing people to leave by closing the lights while there are still people playing sports on the court. Therefore, we feel that the staff are unprofessional and inconsiderate while purposely creating safety hazards.


Case 2. The customers have constantly and repetitively reported to the staff about the unswept floors. They had promised to sweep the floor but no actions were taken. Multiple incidents have happened due to this such as people slipping and causing minor injuries.




We believe necessary investigations and actions should be made by the City of Surrey as the Fraser Heights Recreation Centre pays no attention to numerous reports. We consider the situation as absurd and preposterous, and request that the City of Surrey take the necessary actions needed to reduce safety hazards.


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