Stop Donald Trump by recalling Mayor Carlos Gimenez

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Mayor Gimenez and Donald Trump do not represent us!

Gimenez is Trump’s puppet in Miamiimplementing Trump’s agenda of bigotry and racism by enforcing immigration policies on innocent children, families and elderly.

Miami Herald: "Miami-Dade mayor complies with Trump's crackdown on 'sanctuary' cities, counties"


Miami Herald: "Caving in to Trump, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez sells out this city of immigrants"

We The People must stand together once again against the tyranny of Trump’s puppet in Miami by recalling this corrupt politician -- already known for nepotism and pay-to-play politics.

Miami New Times: "Here Are the Steps to Recall a Miami-Dade Mayor…"

Help us!

Let us help each other and stand united against Trump.

Help us recall Mayor Gimenez!


Photo Credits: Miami Herald