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Prosecute State Police Officer Vincente & Crawford for their illegal actions and perjury!

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Please sign my petition if you believe that police officers, who have sworn to uphold the law, should be held accountable for all illegal activities. The should be held to a higher standard, because they have study the law, and know very well when they performing an illegal and unconstitutional activity.

New Jersey State Police Officer Vinicius Vicente and Damon Crawford manufactured evidence and testimony in the Edison Municipal Court case of a 130-140 MPH high-speed chase on Route 287 which lasted for miles with Dwight Mitchell when this never happened. The fact is, none of this ever took place as evidenced by the patrol car video record on the night of the incident and the entire New Jersey judicial system is attempting to covering this up and to sweep it under the carpet.

The Middlesex County Prosecutor and Judges, have intentionally turned a blind eye to these illegal activities and the evidence and are careful not to speak about any of this on the record. They have allowed me submit all of the evidence, but they never mention anything in their opinions on the record. Also, the Internal Affairs Office of the State Police have also turned a blind eye to the fabricated court testimony, manufactured evidence, and conspiracy caught on video disk evidence of the patrol vehicle.

Now, with a Federal Civil Rights case in progress, both of these State Troopers are still free, working, and patrolling the highways of New Jersey. There has been no reprimand or reprisal when none of the illegal facts have been disputed. Of course the video evidence cannot be disputed, so why has nothing been done. Who is to say they are not doing to other drivers, what they have done to me.

As of October 2017, the New Jersey Attorney General's office is desperately trying to get the Federal Case dismissed and currently we waiting to hear if the Federal Judge will allow the case to proceed forward to trial.

I wrote the following letter to the New Jersey Attorney General, the US Attorney General, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police;

Attorney General of New Jersey
Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex
P.O. Box 080
25 Market Street
Trenton, NJ 08625


Dear Mr. Attorney General:

Enclosed please find the Municipal Court Transcript dated 9/14/2010, Patrol Vehicle Video dated 6/6/10, Defendants Appellate Division Brief 8/20/11 and Appellate Division Opinion dates 2/27/12. I requested the transcripts from my appearance before the Appellate Division panel, but was advised this was not available, so I am also enclosing my written Oral Argument that was presented to Appellate Division Court on 12/21/11.

On June 6, 2010 I was issued two summonses by Trooper Vinicius Vicente, one, SP4808341 for driving 130 mph in a 65 mph zone and the second, SP4808342 for Reckless Driving.

In the Appellate Division Opinion, the Honorable Judges affirmed the rejection of Trooper Vicente testimony by the Superior Court and dismissed the charge of Reckless Driving.

As evidenced by the patrol vehicle video record, Trooper Vincente’s manufactured evidence testimony of an alleged high speed chase of 130-140 mph which lasted for several miles never took place. There is an admission on the video record by Trooper Crawford that the alleged high speed chase never took place, yet Trooper Crawford expressed no opposition to the falsification of summonses when it is discussed in the patrol vehicle and instructed Trooper Vicente to issue additional tickets for offenses that were never committed. In fact, the entire speeding incident, which lasted only 6 seconds as evidence by the video record, was done after the Trooper was behind the defendant, because the defendant reasonable believed the Trooper was on his way to an emergency, and was getting out of the passing lane as quickly as possible.

Simply put, the two State Trooper are liars and if this blatant lying under oath of material fact was done by an ordinary citizen he would be indicted and prosecuted for perjury, therefore Trooper Vincente and Crawford should also be prosecuted for perjury.

Your office must formally investigate and address the abuse of power, malicious prosecution, and falsification of records, misconduct, civil rights violations and perjury by Trooper Vicente, Badge 7264 and misconduct of Trooper Crawford, Badge 6941 of the New Jersey State Police.


Dwight D. Mitchell


The State Police investigation number is 2012-0206.

It is critical to the preservation of the constitutional rights of individuals and the integrity of our judicial system that the courts not appear as if they are rubber stamping testimony of law enforcement officers and condoning perjury. Law enforcement officials are not above the law. They have sworn to uphold the law and should be held to a higher level of standard.

To restate the words of State v. Sugar, 84 N.J. 1, 417 A.2d 474 (1980), "The official conduct which is the predicate of this appeal profoundly shocks the judicial conscience. It was a brazenly lawless attempt to seek a conviction at the expense of fundamental individual rights." In Sugar, when it determined that the State had engaged in misconduct in order to seek a conviction at the expense of individual rights, the State bore the burden of establishing that all the evidence it proposed to use at trial should be free of taint.

Public confidence in the criminal-justice system depends on the integrity of the courts, the prosecutors, and the police, the system can never disregard misconduct by such actors in the fulfillment of their public duties. In Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83, 83 S.Ct. 1194, 10 L.Ed.2d 215 (1963), the Court explained that corrective justice in such circumstances does not constitute "punishment of society for misdeeds of a prosecutor but avoidance of an unfair trial to the accused. Society wins not only when the guilty are convicted but when criminal trials are fair; our system of the administration of justice suffers when any accused is treated unfairly."

Please uphold justice.

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