Stop Yardley Borough 1% Earned Income Tax

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We, the undersign, petition Yardley Mayor Chris Harding to veto the EIT at the Dec 6, 2016 Council meeting and further we petition Yardley Borough Council to refrain from overriding the Mayor's veto pending the completion of a Comprehensive Plan which studies all the tax alternatives and further addresses a long-term capital expenditure plan which considers the efficacy and cost of currently contemplated capital projects.

On Nov 15, Yardley Borough Council imposed a 1% earned income tax despite strong resident opposition. The Council estimates the Borough tax revenue will more than double, so they plan to more than double their spending on discretionary items. Tell the Mayor and Council to be more responsible with taxpayers' money. Tell him to VETO THE EARNED INCOME TAX. 

-Borough residents, workers and business owners will pay 1% of their annual earned income. The average wage earner and home owner in the Borough will pay an additional $750/year vs $120/yr if only property taxes were raised. 

-Residents working in NJ will pay this tax. The Borough Council informed those working in NJ, they may not actually be impacted because of the end of the reciprocity agreement. But, Governor Chris Christie has decided to keep the reciprocity agreement in place! This means, you will pay an additional 1% tax on your wages.

-Yardley Borough would be the only municipality in The Pennsbury School District with an EIT. Many school districts impose an EIT for funding (Council Rock, New Hope-Solebury, Central Bucks, Wissahickon). In those instances, the municipality and the school district equally split the revenue. Pennsbury has no plans to impose an EIT. In an Advance article published on Oct 5, 2017, Councilman Ruttle stated "Until they [Pennsbury] do that [impose an EIT], half of what we're collecting is gravy." Do you want your tax dollars managed by a Council that considers your hard earned money gravy?

-During a Council meeting when a resident asked how they came up with 1% vs another number like half, the response was "because it is the maximum." Is this a good reason to tax people, because it's the most they can?  So if they legally could tax at a higher rate, they would.

-Since residents began speaking out against the EIT and the excessive amount of revenue expected, the Council has more publicly said the planned projects have been requested by residents. But, they have been unable to share who and how many. In fact, most residents are unaware of the projects and do not know how the money will be used. Do you know how they plan to spend all this money?

Tell the Mayor and Council to VETO THE EARNED INCOME TAX!

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