Charleston, SC: No More Ocean-Harming, Single-Use Plastic!

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According to Ocean Crusaders:

  •  the number one man-made thing sailors see in the oceans are plastic bags.
  • Plastic kills approximately 100,000+ marine creatures a year (the ones that are found) as well as 1 million sea birds. 

It's time to reconsider how our communities use and dispose of single-use plastics. Seattle is already doing it: as of July of this year, plastic straws will be banned and 4,500 restaurants will be required to switch to completely recyclable or compostable options.  

California has joined in as well by banning the distribution of plastic straws in restaurants unless specifically asked for! EVEN THE QUEEN IS DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS: Queen Elizabeth the II banned straws and plastic utensils from all royal estates along with other projects to move towards a greener lifestyle. 

On March, 07 the SC Senate voted on H.3529 "disallowing municipalities' right to control plastic bags and other packing material." Read the update here from the Coastal Conservation League on the status of H.3529. 

If you need a reason to sign this petition other than the fact that it's good for the earth, here's another: it's good for you: studies have been done on how toxins from plastics as they break-down in the ocean are released and then consumed by the fish which we eventually will eat.  Our beautiful oceans and coastlines, the creatures living within them and dependent upon it are suffering. The oceans cover 70% of our Home, changes in its ecosystem will inevitably have an effect on the rest of the 30%, and that includes you and your community.

I propose to the Charleston local government to NOT support H.3529 (keeping us from banning plastic bags) and begin programs/bans that encourage citizens and businesses to stop using plastic utensils (bags, straws, forks etc.) for more environment-friendly options. City of Charleston can take a stand and join in with the movements already being done elsewhere to help save our oceans and our future. Sign today. 

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