International GunZ Servers back online among of GunZ: The Duel community

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The whole group of international players around the world wants GunZ: The Duel to come back to life then playing private server which should be shut down and taken actions of illegally. I have been speaking to other GunZ: The duel community players on different gunz private servers they would love to have International gunz players back playing the game we love with nice updates on the servers combining them all in 1 or it can be separate regions, like South American servers, North America and Europe. Africa , Asia , Oceania.

So now let's get in more information of languages and the game, yes I can see why there is only Korean servers only and want let anyone in cause of ping issues and language. But if you can make the servers with anti lead programmed and also have a channel where people want to lead that will be great to and having a great anti hacking system and also connecting the other gunz development private server team members to help you get the issues solved with codes of anti hack and anti lead we will be one big community then being separated just 1 big server with different server logins and languages to choose. 

I hope you Masangsoft reads this, tons of players of the community wants gunz the duel back in 2018-2019, we want the original servers online no private servers they just need to shut down.

Things that the gunz community wants is.

-Anti hacking system that will prevent hackers ruining the good old game and causing new players quit.

-Anti lead system Causing international role of not leading the people with 100+ ping

-International gunz community wants it on the website called for all languages supported with forums.

-Take down the private servers.

-The servers will be hosted on your site called. " "


-Please think about this Masangsoft employees the gunz community is counting on you take actions and listen to the community then ignoring the other fans international wise-