Keep the Comrades Marathon on TV

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The Comrades Marathon is more than just the world's oldest ultra-marathon. It is a prime example of the magnificence and excellence ordinary South Africans achieve when they dream big, have faith, and work hard to make those dreams a reality. It makes our country’s motto, "!ke e: /xarra //ke", meaning “Diverse people unite,” come alive as runners of all cultures, ethnic groups, and income levels come together and – carried by the support and encouragement of the entire nation – demonstrate the victory of the human spirit over seemingly insurmountable challenges. Comrades is a breath-taking celebration of greatness, humility, wonder, self-sacrifice, and ubuntu. 

Since the 1970’s, Comrades Day has been the one day on which nearly every South African – except for those participating in, or witnessing, the action in person – sits glued to the TV. Our entire nation is mesmerised, uplifted, inspired, and united by The Ultimate Human Race.

We understand that due to some challenges, the SABC might not be able to broadcast Comrades this year. We would like to implore ASA and the SABC to do their utmost to find a solution, and to strongly consider the possibility of allowing SuperSport to broadcast Comrades this year in the event that it is not possible for the SABC to do so.

We understand that the financial issues are real. But Comrades is so close to our hearts, that we cannot afford not to have it on TV! Comrades is part of who we, the people of South Africa, are.