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Stop this cruel sideshow which exploits innocent donkeys

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The Tabernacle Welsh Baptist Church in The Hayes, Cardiff, has two donkeys in a tiny stall on show for the entire day, every day in the run-up to Christmas, regardless of weather, for no better purpose than to drum up custom for their nativity scene and play. This is totally anachronistic Victorian-style animal exploitation for tawdry and vulgar advertising of the worst kind.

These donkeys are exposed to the busy city Christmas rush in a tiny stall, with many people constantly touching them. This is nothing like their proper habitat where they can be comfortable and without unnecessary stress. This is cruel, unnecessary, anachronistic, and completely unreasonable. It should not be allowed in this day and age.

Those who are running this sad spectacle have no training or qualifications in animal husbandry, have refused to give their names, and have no apparent comprehension of the stress to the animals, and do not see that there is anything wrong in using animals to drum up their message. Put simply- they just don't care. They have refused to engage when people have tried to talk to them or suggest that this is not an appropriate exhibit, and have behaved in a rude and entitled manner.

We believe that it is Cardiff Council's responsibility to send a clear message that in this age, using real animals on show as advertising gimmicks is unacceptable. The purpose of a donkey's life is to simply be a donkey. We call on Cardiff Council to shut this, and other tawdry animal exploiting sideshows down, and consign them to history where they belong. If people want to see donkeys, then they should sponsor and visit a donkey sanctuary. We reject any notion that this Church should be allowed to do as they please because they are a religious organisation, as there should be no exceptions in dealing with animal cruelty. This needs to be stopped, and never repeated.

As to the Nativity, it would be far better if the Chapel were to celebrate their religious festivals without using animals in some cheap spectacle which belongs in the Victorian period. A Nativity scene just like the ones found in any other Church in the world would be far more decent, and humane.

Please sign and share, and stop these donkeys being used as a religious sideshow.

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