Investigate Gas Prices in Thunder Bay

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Hello Thunder Bay: We are looking for your support as a community to attempt to force change regarding the apparent gouging / price fixing we have been facing at the gas pumps in recent years. On any given day the price we see per litre ranges from $0.20 to $0.30 more than our Southern Ontario counterparts.  Even Northern towns more remote than ours tend to have cheaper gas on a regular basis.

The plan is simple: We are creating a petition at  and are hoping to get at least 1000 supporters. We will then submit a formal complaint to the Competition Bureau of Canada regarding the apparent fixing of gas prices in our City. We believe the more people who stand behind the petition the more serious they will take the complaint.

For those who are not aware of the Competition Bureau; they are a Federal Agency entrusted with enforcing the Competition Act and investigating consumer complaints. One of their purposes is to maintain and encourage competition in order to provide consumers with competitive prices.

Years ago in Kingston Ontario several of the gas stations located immediately off the 401 were investigated by the CCB and found to be artificially inflating their prices. The CCB issued huge fines and forced them to lower their prices in order to promote competition. We think we could have similar success here, and even if not, the looming  threat of the Competition Bureau investigating local distributors and retailers would likely give them caution that consumers have had enough.

Anyways, thanks for reading, please share…. and definitely take the time to fill out the petition. It only takes 30 seconds.