Protect Senior Mobile Home Owners from Predatory Land Rent Inflation

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Residents at Rancho La Paz, one of Anaheim/Fullerton's mobile home parks are being forced out of their homes due to predatory rent gouging. A resident who's currently paying $680 a month saw her rent increase to $809 Oct. 1, 2019 and will be $962 beginning Oct. 1, 2020. By 2024, her rent will be $1,434 a month, a 111% increase!

All owners of the park’s 387 homes are seniors, with most in the 70-93 age range, and on fixed incomes. The rent increases are approximately 55% more than their current rent and are pricing residents out of their rental spaces thereby placing seniors and other low-income residents into lesser living conditions or homelessness. 

John Saunders, the new owner of the Rancho La Paz Mobile Home Park, is a partner of a group with a predatory business model of buying up senior mobile home parks and raising the rents thereby forcing residents to sell their homes at a loss and move out. Then, depending on zoning of the property, it is either turned into an all ages park which can bring higher rents or resold for other uses. The group currently has 46 mobile home parks in various stages of this process which is part of a much larger national trend, according to a recent report. This trend was the subject of a recent episode of John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight.”

The statewide tenant protection law — known as Assembly Bill 1482 caps rent increases in California at 5% plus the local rate of inflation. However, this law specifically EXCLUDES mobile home lot rental fees which has opened the door to predatory rent gouging practices such as what Rancho La Paz is currently becoming victim to. Residents began to fight for rent controls and other ordinances to protect themselves and they failed in multiple cities. Only 3% of cities in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange counties mandate rent control.

Since local lawmakers can't seem to understand this plight, please help us bring this to the attention of California state government and ask them to INCLUDE mobile home land rent in their regulations to stabilize rents and protect against unconscionable rent hikes and only allow reasonable and gradual rent increases.