Reduce mooring fees for HMS Pickle and Spider T at Hull Marina

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The current berthing contracts for HMS Pickle and Spider T, currently berthed at Hull Marina, expires at the end of March 2018.

After this date the vessels (both of historical value) will be forced to pay full rates which will make it untenable for the vessels to remain.

Both vessels are of historical interest and attract a large number of visitors each year to the marina to see them. They are owned and maintained by Historical Motor and Sail who are a not-for-profit organisation focused on maintaining the vessels for our generation and future generations.

Spider T is a restored Humber Super Sloop built in 1926.

HMS Pickle is a recreation of the vessel which took part in the Battle of Trafalgar.

The organisation relies largely on donations and increased mooring fees would need to be drawn directly from funds that would be spent on maintaining the vessels.

These funds are donated by people like you to save these amazing pieces of history for people like you.

This petition calls on British Waterways Marinas Ltd (the operators of Hull Marina) to consider a heritage mooring rate for vessels such as these and on Hull City Council to consider the impact that losing these vessels to another Harbour would have on local tourism and the local economy.

Expressions of interest have already been received from a number of Ports and Harbours along the East Coast who would all welcome the benefits that these vessels bring to the surrounding area.