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Bristol City Council need to rethink their anti car policy not create a congestion charge

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I love Bristol, I really do.

It is a wonderful diverse city with a vibrant feel and so much happening.

But the Council's approach to traffic management over recent years has caused more problems than it has solved.

Using public transport, cycling or walking is not always an option for everyone but very well done to those that can do so.

Some people have injuries or health problems that prevent them from walking or cycling.

True, people should drive less whenever possible, no question. But the council could and should make all traffic flow better and easier, not impede it.

Here is just one example of the active sabotaging of our road network in Bristol; The end of North road joining Cromwell road BS6.
Formerly a very wide junction allowing parking along one side, plus still easily allowing traffic to either wait to the right hand side if waiting to go under the arches, or allow those turning left up Cromwell road to flow freely. Now you, the council have narrowed it to a single lane, taking 75% of the width away along with the parking too. Vehicles now get stuck behind people waiting to turn right, and traffic then queues up the lower section of Cromwell road by Maplins and often back past the junction with Cheltenham road/ bottom of Gloucester Road.
You have totally ruined traffic flow in the area and caused massive increases in air pollution.
YOU HAVE CAUSED THIS!                Of course this problem was preceded by your removal of the option to turn left under the Arches when travelling south on Cheltenham road a few years ago (making people take the North road/lower Cromwell road junction instead).

And that's just one example, I could list many more road/junction narrowing, pinch point/bottle neck creating, unnecessary left or right turns only, one way roads, traffic lights on roundabouts (some could surely be made part time, some could be scrapped altogether). The policy of bringing bus stops brought out into the road when they worked fine set back, etc.

It should also be remembered there are a lot of people who CAN'T stop their daily use of cars vans etc ;                                              Trades-people that HAVE to use their vehicles (plumbers, electricians, plasterers, builders, gardeners, alarm fitters, appliance servicers, waste removal, home-help/care workers, taxi drivers, floor fitters, roofers, etc).     The delivery drivers which service the majority of businesses in the city in some way or other. Other drivers delivering goods to the public.

People collecting goods or services from businesses who don't deliver. People collecting large/awkward/fragile items.
The people not served well by public transport, or live out of the way of bus stops or train stations or would need to take so many as to make it a prohibitively long commute to use it.
The elderly who find it hard to walk any distance to and from their nearest bus stop, that are otherwise isolated.
The disabled, who still value the freedom a car gives them wether their own car or a helping friend/relative/care assistant. All of these people are being made to suffer right now because of the active sabotaging of Bristol's roads by the Council. And they will be penalised further by the council if they bring a congestion charge in.
Yes, Bristol is an old city not designed for modern volumes of traffic. But if the council actively helped traffic flow through the city instead of the seeming current policy of impeding it, we would have better air quality (less cars buses and lorries sat idling) and it would also surely bring more trade to Bristol businesses and help generate more income for tradespersons who can spend more time working than sat in traffic.

In short, we petition the Council to rethink their anti-traffic policies, to help improve flow not impede it, and to scrap any plans for a congestion charge.


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