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Why this petition matters

I write to express the dehumanization experience of Mrs. Moreen after the demise of her husband in 2013. Mrs Westray is 92 years old woman going through loneliness. Commonly, the aged people are usually neglected, abandoned, and subjected to hardship due to unsubstantial reasons.  

I came into the life of Moreen after the death of her husband in 2015 when I was doing door-to-door marketing. I met her at the point when she planned to commit suicide because her children abandoned her in a state of ill health. For eight years, I have been her caregiver. I take her out, do her shopping, and take her to the hospital for medical appointments. I also carried out her domestic work. My assistance has given her succour and courage never to think of committing suicide.  

Moreen has suffered numerous challenges ranging from accident, sickness, loneliness to loosing of family members. My impact on her life built an irrevocable joy in her heart. She has become a source of joy and inspiration for those who opt to commit suicide. She appreciates my good gesture and support in all ramifications. Her heart beams with gladness and shows appreciation to God for being alive. She uses every minute of the day thinking, planning, creating ways to make others happier and better. She does this via baking cakes to take to her local aged group, painting, drawing, greeting cards, visits to hospitals, and simple words of gratitude that make one smile. These are the things that matter a lot to her.

Suddenly, the nefarious plans and ill-treatment she received from her legal representative and close relatives hampered her joy. She was compelled to leave the house she and her husband bought (where she has lived for over 50years) to a residential care home which negates her will. It is her will to live there till her demise. Her dream did not see the light of the day because her legal practitioner with her family abandoned her. Before the death of her husband, he sold half of the house to take care of his gambling addiction. The house sale agreement stated that Moreen should stay in this house until her death, and she should not allow anybody to stay on the premises. Probably they did not envisage that she would still be alive till today talk less of her needing someone around her to cater for her 24hrs a day.

We all feel lonely sometimes, and many factors can determine why people experience loneliness. None of us are immune from time to time. But in Moreen’s case, she feels it more while she’s in the residential home. After being in her life for nearly nine (9) years, her family denied me as her carer access to her. Five months of unrelenting calls and follow-up to the Kent Adult Social Services brought a ray of hope when I was finally allowed to visit her at the residential home. 

She was misinformed that I was sent to prison by her daughters and neighbors. All these are attempts to make her forget me as her health deteriorates, but my reconnection with her resuscitates unspeakable joy in her heart.

I want to state that I have reported the neighbors to Kent Police after receiving anonymous threatening letters and numerous false accusations; yet, the police were reluctant to act. This case remains the same to date. Moreen has been shouted and screamed at by relatives and neighbors just because she had a caregiver who happened to be BLACK in a village that is rare to see people of any other race.

She is a grandma missing her grandchildren, her home, hugs from friends, and other acts that provoke her joy.

The area of concern is how to help Moreen get back to her home?

Events have shown how different people have received kindness from the world via viral videos such as Musicians streaming themselves singing, pub owners donating their hotel rooms to the homeless or self-isolating, people going on dates while distancing. The same gesture is required to help Moreen recover the privileges she used to enjoy while staying under the roof of her husband’s house.

On behalf of Moreen, I have set up this petition to find supporters and a reliable solicitor who can fight for her case to bring her back to her house. I have tried contacting her local councillor, Dover MP, and KentAdult Social Services, yet all have been fruitless. That is why I request you to join hands with me and help Moreen regain a fulfilled life. 

It will interest you to know that I have spent all my resources, contacts, and support for this course to help Moreen out, and I know that if we join hands by signing this petition, she could benefit from it.

My target is to have 1000 signatures from well-wishers and kind people like yourself.

All you have to do is say YES once to help Moreen get back to her home or Text MOREEN to 70085. You will contribute to the quality of life of a 92 yrs old British Lady.

Would you kindly sign for her too? 

Thank you for your time and consideration of my request.

7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!