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Bring Back Democracy - Scrap Lewisham's Executive Mayoral System

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Since 2001 Lewisham has had an Executive Mayor. The elected councillors have no power but the Mayor has sole control over decisions. The Mayor handpicks his cabinet to advise him - they get lots of extra money.  Many councillors would like to be in the cabinet so they don't speak out when the Mayor makes bad decisions.

Now the law has changed and we are allowed to choose in a referendum to return to the system before Blair's infatuation with US style strong mayors.  Lewisham could be the first London borough to go back to the "committee" system where all councillors can play a part in decision making and represent their constituents.

To do this we need to have a petition signed by 5% of the electorate - nearly 10,000 people.

So far the government have not allowed electronic signing of the petition to call for a referendum, so we need everyone to sign on a paper copy.

If you agree with our aim and you are a resident of the borough of Lewisham, please sign this on-line petition and you MUST include your full postcode and email.  We will come round to your house when we have a few people in your street who have signed and you can all then sign the paper petition.

If you want to help collect signatures then please send an email to: and you will automatically receive a petition and background information by email.  You can print out a copy and get your friends and neighbours to sign.  Then just post it back to the address on the bottom or contact us and we can collect it.

There is much more information at the BringBackDemocracy website where you can order download a poster for your window.   By going to you can find someone near you who has the petition and contact them to arrange a time to go and sign it.

Do feel free to add a comment on why you want to change the system.  We know that Steve Bullock as made some disastrous decisions in the past 16 years, and how can any one person be expected to get everything right?

Please also forward this link to your friends and neighbours in Lewisham.

The campaign is being supported by various people active in People Before Profit, the Green Party, the Lib-Dems, Womens Equality Party and many in the Labour Party or in no party at all.


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