Scrap debt for student Nurses and midwives from 2017 intake onwards

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I am in my third year of my Nursing degree, my cohort (2017) has worked hard over the past 3 years to finish the course which we are dedicated to; but now we feel forgotten about. We are finishing our degree with between £30,000- £70,000 worth of debt. Meaning we will never fully earn our full wage because each month we will be paying a debt off that we had taken out to learn to care for our patients. We have worked 2300+ hours of unpaid placement hours whilst paying to be there.  

As a student nurse myself i can say how much these last three years has affected and challenged our mental health, the struggle of maintaining family life (kids etc), personal issues, little social life and working alongside all of out other responsibilities. Our own physical / mental wellbeing and also the strain it’s put on our families to support with money, and stress has been indescribable. We started a petition 3 years ago to bring back bursaries but nothing was done till now and we have suffered the consequences.

We feel dishonoured for the hard work we’ve put in over the past 3 years and want to be acknowledged as we are the nurses of the future. 

This goes for all medical students, nurses and midwives that have become in thousands of debt to be able to care and support our patients. For following our dreams and passion. 

I am speaking on behalf of all the student nurses from the (2017) cohort x