Revoke Richard Branson's "Sir" title

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Richard Branson asking for a bailout with the UK'S taxpayer's money is an all time low for someone who has billions. He is trying to take money needed for protection and help towards the Britons health during this pandemic, he has off shore accounts so he can avoid tax, and sued the NHS when he didn't get his own way... praying on the vulnerability of our country and in no way helping. He could build hospitals and fill them with equipment with the amount of money he has... us British people feel he should have his "Sir" title removed as he does not deserve such a title of high standings. He should be supporting the people that put him where he is today rather than taking at a time of desperate need. He should be known as "Mr Richard Branson" no Sir of our country would act the way he has acted... he has shown his true colours, and we want action against him. Also the public should boycott Richard Branson's businesses and not have him working off the back of the hardworking British people's taxes... let's now add that he is warning us that his Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia with not survive this pandemic without our assistance, he who is worth billions whilst we struggle to survive ourselves is wanting more public funding for him to keep Virgin afloat whilst living on his own island.... please sign and share