Stop Boots using plastic bags instead of paper ones for prescriptions!

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Picked up a prescription form Boots recently? If you have you may well have noticed that instead of the very familiar paper bag that hold all your meds, they have been supplied in a plastic bag. Yes, you heard me right. A PLASTIC BAG!! 

What on earth is going on?? So Boots charge customers 5p for a carrier bag for shopping in order to cut down on plastic use, and then start dispensing prescriptions in plastic bags! What's more they are not made from recyclable materials and while some local authorities have facilities to recycle the bags, there are currently very few doorstep collections for this type of plastic. So its off to landfill.

How is a company of this size and with enormous financial resources allowed to take such a backward step?

So come on, lets look to the power of the people and get this reversed! Sign and share everywhere please!