No Spray in our HOA! Prevent The Application of Chemical Pesticides In Our Neighborhoods.

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Help us end the exposure in our local, urban environment to dangerous chemical compounds in the pesticides that are applied to our immediate landscaping. Examples include 'neonicotinoids' with product names such as "ASSAIL" and glyphosates like "ROUND UP". These compounds present multiple health threats to human, pet & wildlife populations. Ample evidence shows the negative effects on reproductive health, as well as alarming cancer rates from egregiously high carcinogen levels. Shockingly, residents are given little or no notice of the intentional application of chemical pesticides. Any notifications provided are grossly inadequate in their distribution, and, even worse, when provided at all, are posted insufficiently in advance.

What to do about this perverted insanity? The answer is to simply STOP the application of ALL dangerous chemicals, to begin with, on a LOCAL level. In our situation, we knocked on doors & asked our own neighbors to sign a simple petition, demanding an END to all chemical sprays, and only allowing for natural alternatives when necessary.

Sign the petition to banish the use of synthetic sprays in America’s neighborhoods today. Organize a similar effort in your own community and obtain physical signatures too…. Spread the word and share this same petition with everyone you know…….Utilize the strength-in-numbers of Change-org to empower YOUR community in defending itself from senseless chemical applications.

1 in 5 Americans pay for the privilege of membership in Homeowners Associations, denting our pocketbooks every month: “We’re paying and they’re spraying!”. Please add YOUR name to the growing list of sensitive folks seeking healthier lives and demand that there be NO SPRAY IN OUR HOAS today!

Here is an example of a local (hard copy signatures) petition that can be used to persuade YOUR own community to NEVER APPLY CHEMICALS: