BDAT - protect teacher's conditions!

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BDAT - Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust - have decided to change the contracts of their staff away from national Terms and Conditions in order to save money. When they consulted the staff and the Trade Unions, they got a universally negative response to the changes. They started negotiating with the Trade Unions to find a solution, but have called off the negotiations and decided to force the new contract on staff. We feel this is not in keeping with the Trust's Christian values: it will make people worse off if they are sick; worse off if they have to take time off for family reasons; and make their employment more precarious. We are also concerned it will make it hard for BDAT to recruit the best staff to teach Bradford's young people.

In September, Archbishop Welby told the TUC, 'Justice is God's nature, but it is our responsibility' and criticised the changes to the economy that made people's jobs more precarious. We call on BDAT to reconsider their changes, and return to negotiations with the Unions.