Change speed in Overton from 30mph to 20mph

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Overton in Hampshire is a lovely village but something must change.The speed the cars are driving through the village is exeeding 30 mph in many cases!
The footpaths of High St are very narrow in many places and Bombay Sapphire bus is very wide and at the moment just misses to hit people.
There are families with prams and small children and they can run out on street at any second, that happens many times here.
The elderly cannot cross the road safely because of the cars rushing.
The speed of 20 mph limit must be imposed as 30 mph is a significant speed of 48 kmph and this speed is ok in wider roads.
There should be a speed display as many other villages have one, e.g. Laverstoke.
Whitchurch has speed limit of 20mph and people are driving slower, so why not Overton. 

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