Tough laws against Racism across all states in Australia

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Enough is Enough!!!

I am a concerned citizen and I am forced to write this petition in the light of recent racist attacks on immigrants majorly on Sikh Taxi Drivers across Australia. A most recent one has happened in Melbourne where a turban-wearing Sikh was attacked outside Crown Casino.

History has witnessed how much this hardworking community has contributed to the world. Sikhs have come to the survival of many countries from fighting in World War 1 & 2 to giving a helping hand to the flood and drought victims across the world including Australia. The Sikh Organisations such as Khalsa Aid and many others are a true representation of Sikh values.

Sikhism is a unique religion where its followers pray to one God and both men and women share equal rights in every respect. Uncut beard and turban-wearing Sikhs can be seen all around the world contributing to the world’s and Australia’s economy. Talking about Sikhs, they are everywhere around you, working as Doctors, Engineers, Army men & women, Scientists, Businessmen & women, Taxi & Truck Drivers and working in many more professions.

Do you know every Sikh Temple around the world offers free food for everyone including people outside their own community??

You could be Hindu, Muslim, Christian or may not be following any religion, you are still welcomed at all Sikh places of Worship.

Do you know a Sikh place of worship called Darbar Sahib in Amritsar, India offers free food to over one hundred thousand people every day??

Do you know any Sikh person who has contributed to Australia or the World? If not, I would suggest you to just google:

- Khalsa Aid
- CEO of Mastercard
- Stepmother of Leonardo DiCaprio.
- Defence Minister of Canada
- Fauja Singh
- Father of Fibre Optics ( Father of Internet)
- Sikhs in Bollywood / Hollywood
- Sikh Cricketers
- Sikh politicians in USA/ New Zealand etc.
This list goes on and on and on.

It pinches when you either witness or hear about the racism incidents targeting this community and police’s & government’ soft corner towards the attackers instead of the victims. Why police are not taking any strict action against the attackers??? Is our police not capable or they really don't want to do the job that they are supposed to be doing?

I truly respect and appreciate the ones who play fair and are doing their job. If there are loopholes and not enough strict laws, let's make some new ones to teach a lesson who are targeting minorities in this beautiful country.

I am requesting the government and the police to work together to strictly punish the attackers of the Melbourne incident and set an example.

Let's be together against the attackers and Give every mate a fair go!!