Ask Starbucks to offer 50% off drinks served in a reusable container for BYOC Happy Hour

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In honor of the celebratory month of #PlasticFreeJuly challenging people all over the world to avoid using plastic for one month, we are asking Starbucks to incentivize its customers to be more aware of the waste they create in buying Starbucks products (acquired waste) by offering BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup) Happy Hour.

WHO: Customers who come to Starbucks that refuse Starbucks' plastic or paper cups and RATHER use a personal cup that they bring in, or a mug that belongs to the Starbucks store

WHAT: 50% off a drink of choice

WHERE: #BYOC Happy Hour at Starbucks stores

WHEN: Once a week, during hours of the day to be determined by Starbucks

WHY: This bold action by Starbucks would show how a well-rounded corporation can do their part to reduce waste while simultaneously educating its customers through awareness of plastic and lined paper cup waste that is such a problem around the world, in our cities, and in our oceans. Many different people spend time and money at Starbucks, so it's a solid location to reach a diverse group.

ACQUIRED WASTE is a term we will use to describe the waste acquired when purchasing something. Example: when buying coffee, one receives coffee, cup, lid, and sleeve. Consumer is left to manage the acquired waste on their own. Acquired waste or one instance/purchase is nearly zero when using personal containers, cups, mugs, etc. that are reusable.

We may not be able to change the decisions that corporations make to supply single-use containers, but we can decide as individuals to reduce our waste, and this financial break given to people who choose to reduce waste would send a positive message all over the world about:

- The importance of refusing acquired waste

- How big corporations care about the acquired waste they create

- Encouraging people to keep reducing their waste in their life