Apple: Add settings in iOS 7 to disable *all* the motion graphic effects, not just parallax.

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Apple: Add settings in iOS 7 to disable *all* the motion graphic effects, not just parallax.

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Jesse Koenig started this petition

I love my iPhone 5, and iOS 7 has a nice aesthetic - it looks fresh and modern and attractive.  But Apple, you got carried away with all that motion.  My phone is not a toy - I value efficiency as much as appearance.  I don't want app icons flying around the screen, things zooming and fading in and out, expanding and shrinking, bouncing and bobbing.  I don't have time for all that.  Literally it makes my iPhone more cumbersome and tiring to use.  And it wastes power, reducing battery life.  And there are reports of people feeling motion sickness.

Here is what I would love:  When I press the top button, the screen is instantly on - no fade in.  When I unlock it, the home screen is instantly there with all app icons in place - no icons flying into position.  When I start an app, the screen simply switches to that app, and when I press the home button, the home screen is just there again.  This would be beautifully efficient; form would follow function.

Your graphics engineers are very talented and maybe some people want these motion effects, so make them optional via settings if you want.

Specifically, here are the motion effects I would like to disable:

- Parallax effect for app icons when phone is tilted (this is the only one that already can be disabled with the "Reduce Motion" setting)

- Lock screen fade in / fade out

- App icons flying in to populate home screen upon unlocking phone

- Apps expanding from icon to full screen when starting apps, with other app icons flying away

- Apps shrinking from full screen into icon when going back to home screen, with other icons flying back in

- Text messages oscillating closer and farther apart during scrolling


I think you get the idea here - please feel free to add to this list as appropriate.


Thank you!!

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This petition had 86 supporters

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