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Thyroid Patients Demand Better Treatment

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To: The American Thyroid Association 
Hypothyroid Patients are suffering needlessly because of your guidelines.
While many do well on T4 medications alone (Synthroid etc) there are millions who do not due to conversion issues of T4 to T3. Many many thyroid patients have gotten well with the addition of a T3 med to their T4 med, and also the use of desiccated thyroid. Armour, Nature-throid, WP Thyroid, NP Thyroid here in the United States. These treatment options should be available to every patient in every country. 
The TSH test is not a thyroid hormone, as you well know. It is an INDIRECT measure (NEJM) and for doctors to tell patients that their TSH is "normal," therefore they are well again, when they clearly are not and continue to remain symptomatic is a travesty in medical care. They are often sent to other "specialists" when the root problem is continuing hypothyroid symptoms because they are inadequately treated.
We demand better testing and treatment options. Doctors who have not been taught in medical school should also be required to take continuing education courses to be taught to evaluate clinical signs and physical presentation.
We also feel that routine correct thyroid testing should be part of an annual physical for everyone. Deaths have occurred because they are not.
These are the tests that we are requesting and are necessary.
Since Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is the primary cause of hypothyroidism in most parts of the world:
First -TPOAb, TgAb
Thyroid Ultrasound
All physicians should be taught about Autoimmune Thyroid Disease and it’s implications to detriment of health.
We are not all the same, and not everyone feels well again when all of these levels fall within the reference ranges being used. However, as a patient community, we have found that most patients start to feel well again when:
The TSH is between 0.5-1.5 (no higher than 2)
FREE T4.- mid to above mid reference range
FREE T3 - the upper 25th percent of the reference range being used
REVERSE T3 - Below 15/16
Adrenal function should be tested as well - not just for Addison's Disease. Many people can not tolerate nor utilize thyroid hormone properly because their adrenal glands are not functioning properly.
We implore you to listen to us. We have suffered for far too long due to inadequate testing, the reliance on T4 only medications and the TSH test, along with doctors who do not understand how to treat this disease. Our quality of life matters. Our health depends on it. Please take this petition seriously. What if it were one of your family members who was so sick with this illness because of your guidelines? What if they lost their jobs, their homes, their lives? It happens. We're beyond tired of it.
Our very lives depend on correct testing, diagnosis, a choice in medications if we're not doing well on one....AND doctors who understand this along with clinical presentation.
Our lives matter.
Thank you.

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