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Be The Change: Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) and Amber Heard (Mera) - They’re Not Bulletproof.

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Dec 10, 2019 — 

Not long after we edited our petition and emailed it, Melissa Benoist said she was a Crime Victim of Domestic Abuse. We ask: "Would you save her"?

Simple question, but it's on our petition to Support Amber Heard in Aquaman 2:

We also refer to charity & activism. It's olympic about how many nonprofits Amber is involved with and many who did not have public support.

This petition was shortly changed and emailed to DC and Warner Brothers before Melissa came out about domestic abuse with her 14 minute video here a week ago:

"I stand with Melissa Benoist" and "We stand with Amber Heard."

They're NOT bulletproof.

Melissa Benoist, Supergirl of the DC/WB, was able to say that she defended herself and still received support. Amber Heard was one of the first or only people to state she was domestically abused as the larger victim. Amber dealt with the mobs against her, and likely because of that, Melissa is able to come forward even if there were two-way fights.

I see the Instagram video from Amber which may be hidden clues in my opinion. "Because of this hair and pajamas, it must mean I am bulletproof." She's not actually bulletproof and frequently people will put in metaphors and hidden messages on their social media, because they're unable to be public today.

Edit: I no longer see her video, however, this photo with a pillow is interesting, since it escalated in the fights to a bloody pillow which was seen by IO Tillett:

Will you be the change?

There's also an article that maybe Mera of Aquaman will get a Spin-Off movie. We hope that is true.

To prevent domestic abuse - GET INVOLVED! Believe early, let them escape early. We were told to not screenshot a partner of ex-JD staff's tweets and messages, but we DID. We were also told to not create a petition, but we DID.

Jane Doe said: "celebrities hiding bruises while going to events is common..."

The Jane Does saying she was the partner of Ex-JD staff supported Amber and said she was kicked, hit, and crying. Staff were on NDAs and stopped interfering: and

Amber Heard and Melissa Benoist are CRIME VICTIMS which should also be a protected class.

If you don't support victims now, then the agenda to silence them will continue. Duty To Rescue and Duty to Care.

We also got the database fixed for the article on Amber's friend calling 911 for her. It was not showing up.

Thanks to The Geek Buzz and Joey for jump starting this!

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