Save the Alabama high school Cosmetology Program

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The Alabama State Board of Cosmetology has stopped all state high school cosmetology students from testing for their cosmetology license (after already investing 1-3 years in the training program.) This decision will likely ruin all chances for future high school students to have this opportunity. State Board is attempting to change the law in the middle of the year, which results in robbing current students of their chances in this field. High school students have met the minimum requirements for licensure for at least the last 35 years.

The younger stylists are the future of the cosmetology industry. Most cosmetologists obtained their license from high schools or tech centers. These public cosmetology programs are an advantage to all high school students, even those who may not be able to afford college or private beauty school. If the decision is made to refuse testing of high school students, these students will have to redo all of their training at a private beauty school($$$$.) Private beauty schools are very expensive and takes away this privilege to most students.

Not only does this take away the privilege of all eligible students, but jobs as well. If state refuses testing of high school students these programs will most likely shut down, resulting in teachers loosing their jobs. So this decision will not only hurt the students but instructors as well.

Our goal of this petition is to show state board the high school students should continue to be tested. They work just as hard, if not harder, than a private beauty school. High school students do not have the advantage of a full day in the classroom. They have half a day which means they must work harder to get their assignments and credits done to be able to test. We want to be able to show state board this petition on May 8th. Please share and help us get as many signatures as possible. These students and teachers have invested tons of training and hours to be rejected in the middle of the year.