No increase to Westfield staff parking!

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Recently Westfield employees have received a memo that staff parking rates are being increased as of February 2020 from $4 to $5 per day.

Over all it doesn't seem that much but thinking over the following points it's infact, inappropriate of the multi-billion corporation.

Hopefully this petition can get some traction and the people of the centres can have a say!

- stores within the centre (regardless if they're major chain stores or someone trying to start a business) all pay a premium rent for a lease period. On top of that the employees already pay a $4 or/day to work within the centre. For full time staff this roughly works out to just over $1000 per year, just to work! An additional $1 on top of this increases that yearly sum by roughly $300.

- the employees within the mall is who the customers come for, it's been very evident in the past that the mall has no sympathy for the workers who give the customers that service to get the dollars flowing into the centre. (Recently there has been a review on Facebook where a staff member wasn't able to get here parking validated even though she had spent over $200 within the centre. (Any customers that do this get parking for free)).

- regardless if there is extra staff parking space, the centre is still a nightmare to get out each day and late night and it turns into a giant gridlock.

- the centre also struggles to consistently have air-conditioning  running smoothly, on many occasions (eg. Saturday 18th, the whole top of Chermside was humid and warm as the aircon wasn't working).

- over Christmas the centre released trading hours to the stores in the centre but was only advertising these out to customers in the last week of Christmas, the mall was a ghost town and it was just costing dollars to any company to stuck to these opening hours.



Westfield, not all employees can afford this increase, yes, you've suggested other options eg. Walking or biking but this isn't practical for a lot of people either. It's unfair this is happening to the people of the mall. There's no need for this increase.

There's also another petition going to sign below

Thanks for reading!