We demand to restore the old trade rules of PUBG!

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On May 3, 2018, the developers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on their website posted information that the function of personal trading in game items will be temporarily disabled. However, users are still deprived of this opportunity, and the developers have not taken any measures to resolve the situation. Everything was done without prior warning and under the Glib excuse for fighting against fraud and overuse.

We, the players of PUBG, are a friendly multi-thousand community. There is an impression that the developers simply do not care about our interests. And, under cover of cooked-up excuse, they try to simply maximize their profits at our expense.

The game subjects, which are discussed in their application - at least formally belong to the creators of the game, but they got to the players for a reason - we spent a lot of their time, knowledge and skills on them. Someone bought them for real money. We believe that we have the right to dispose of them at our discretion.
Over time, the game begins to live its life, it acquires social connections and interactions. And that's why we demand from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds not just respect for our wishes and needs, but also responsibility for the actions performed. After all, despite official statements, no action was taken to normalize the situation.
There are many ways to solve the problem. Modern technology detachments allow you to easily tokenize any, including virtual, items. For these purposes that crypto-currencies such as Skincoin were created. Integration of these tokens into the game process will allow you to easily personalize any of the existing game objects, assign them a certain value and safely exchange and sell them. Despite its wide technological capabilities, the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds guide does not take the steps that the entire community expects from them. We stand for a civilized and prompt solution of the problem!
We are users of the interesting game, for intercultural and social ties, for the opportunity to use at our discretion the results of our personal work and time.
Sign this petition, and hopefully the developers will hear us and respect our opinion - gamers.

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