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Mwave 2017 MAMA's Unfair Behavior Toward Our Vote Results

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The 2017 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) has been unfair, and we want to protest it.

A currently ongoing controversy related to 'illegal voting/ballot voting' occurred and included artists such as T-ara, BTS, GOT7, Girls Generation, IU and more. Mnet has yet to release an official statement as to why certain numbers of artist's votes were invalidated or in which ways invalidation occurred. Mnet did state that illegal votes would be nullified, the relevant accounts deleted, and IP addresses blocked. Mnet determined the ballot rigging and they removed the fake votes, but there are many controversial things that some groups had their votes being not decreased while many groups had lost their votes.

An interesting fact is also that some of the categories had more votes gotten decreased while the others were not. That honestly doesnt make any sense because we vote in every category using the same account.

So we think there are many scenarios played by MAMA here. We are going to ask some questions:

  1. Please give us an explanation about our votes that have been deleted. Point out what is legal votes and what is illegal votes. Prove that the deleted votes are illegal votes!
  2. Why do some countries can't access the vote website? Have the country's IPs been blocked? Why?
  3. Especially for T-ara on Global's Fan Choice category, why did the vote progress from November 11, 2017 have slow increase (it's like being restrained) even though we're voting normally?
  4. Mnet removed votes from a specific group, so that some groups would not win. Have the winners been chosen from the beginning? Then why did you hold a vote event? 

We're so disapointed about it. It is better if there's no MAMA again in 2018. If this petition reaches the amount of voters its need, then Mnet should explain the answer about those questions and give back all the votes they removed. Please be fair, Thank you.

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