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HashFlare – Reduce the minimum withdrawal limit, now!

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We hereby demand the minimum withdrawal limit to be changed back to 0.01 BTC, immediately.

More than two months ago, in December 2017, HashFlare changed the minimum withdrawal limit on their SHA-256 cloud mining contracts to 0.05BTC. This "temporary" step was supposedly taken because Bitcoin network congestion caused network fees for transactions to be insanely high at the time.

Today, there is no network congestion to speak of anymore. Network fees have decreased by more than 90% since then. All technical reasons for this measure to stay in place have vanished in early January of 2018, already. Yet, the minimum withdrawal limit has not been changed back to 0.01BTC by HashFlare.

At the time of this writing, BTC is worth more than $10000, which makes the limit equate to more than $500. All balances below this threshold are essentially held hostage by HashFlare at this point, without any technical reason, or update, or communications as to why this is or for how long this will still be the case.

This is simply unacceptable. HashFlare is causing financial harm to their users.

Upholding this insanely high limit constitutes a breach of contract as it unfoundedly changes a vital part of the contract at the disadvantage of their users.

Thus, we demand a change. And we demand action to be taken, now.


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