Remove administrative burdens for Erasmus students

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THE ISSUE: Erasmus is undoubtedly one of the most successful initiatives the EU brought on the way so far. However, it's still quite a long process to not only apply for Erasmus, but going on Erasmus also comes with many administrative tasks of university-related but also general nature. One major duty you have when going abroad for more than three months is to register your residency at local communes or registration offices, which in almost all countries is a rather complex, multi-step process. In addition, we've experienced manifold issues ranging from infinite queues and waiting times, inconvenient opening hours, language barriers, residence checks through the police to sentences if you did not register (e.g. 200€ fine in Belgium!).

US & OUR MISSION: We are a group of proud European citizens and Master students from Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Business with diverse national backgrounds and Erasmus experiences. Our cause is to lobby the main European institutions to improve the upcoming Erasmus+ 2021-2027 program by integrating many administrative tasks to the future Erasmus application and registration process.

OUR VISION is to have a fully digitized and streamlined Erasmus application process that integrates the residence registration in the online-application process and makes any townhall visits dispensable. Moreover, we campaign for a unique and multifunctional identity card for Erasmus students that not only unites several functions (payment, public transport pass, library access, credit transfer, etc.), but also serves as an official ID for the time of your Erasmus stay.

Make your voice heard and SUPPORT OUR MISSION, if you believe that we need to simplify administrative processes of public authorities, not only for Erasmus student, but for every European citizen in the future!

P.S.: If you made similar experiences during your Erasmus semester, let us know through participating in our survey or mailing your story to

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