Dave Rubin, debate Sam Seder

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Dave Rubin is the host of the Rubin Report, a popular internet show in which him, and typically a guest, discuss high-level important iDeAs. However these guests and their ideas tend to skew towards the right of the political spectrum, and when it doesn't, and the guest comes from the left, they are a dissenter from their political brethren, there to bemoan the many faillings of the left, which typically is political correctness. Needless to say this limits the perspectives presented on the show and therefore its quality.

Dave has attempted to remedy this issue by inviting people like Bernie Sanders on, which is tantamount to an incel attempting to lose their virginity by organizing a threesome with Scarett Johanson and Angelina Jolie, its not gonna happen, and all you are doing is sending weird messages to these people's staff. So I am here to propose a more realistic solution, Dave should debate Sam Seder, a similarly popular YouTuber which presents a more left-leaning perspective and which is willing to debate him, and I need your help to get Dave to learn about this opportunity and to make it happen.