The Tranquil Triangle Project

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"TheTranquil Triangle Project" - bordered by Kennington Lane, Kennington Road and St George's Road.

We demand the following measures from Lambeth and Southwark Councils to stop dangerous rat-running through our residential streets:

Lambeth Council

  1. Install a barrier across Renfrew Road next to the former Court Tavern to stop the rat-running which has increased markedly following the installation of the Dante Road barrier.  This is particularly urgent to safeguard Archbishop Sumner School.
  2. Reverse the one-way flow on Chester Way between Kennington Lane and Denny Street (only) to prevent rat-running between Kennington Road and Kennington Lane.
  3. Add a barrier on Brook Drive westbound at the site of the width restriction.  Southwark Council's Dante Road gate will stop eastbound rat-running but it is up to Lambeth to stop westbound rat-running.

Southwark Council 

  1. Make permanent the experimental barrier on Dante Road.