Protect Pregnant Women: Free Bei Bei!
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Protect Pregnant Women: Free Bei Bei!

    1. Brooke Beloso
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      Brooke Beloso

      Indianapolis, IN

Bei Bei Shuai came to Indiana from China in search of a better life. She learned English, began growing a restaurant business, and met a fellow immigrant with whom she planned to build a family.

When she was 33 weeks pregnant, that better life began to unravel. The father -- who was separated from his wife, had told Bei Bei he loved her, and promised to help raise the child --  blindsided her by telling her he no longer loved her and announcing he was moving back to another state. Distraught, humiliated, and thousands of miles away from her parents and other family, Bei Bei tried to end her life on Christmas Eve.

Luckily, a friend found her and rushed her to the hospital. There, Bei Bei followed all of the doctor’s instructions to save her baby, including taking several rounds of medication and agreeing to an emergency cesarean surgery. Bei Bei named the baby Angel, and sat holding her daughter’s hand as soon as doctors would let her out of bed.

Then tragedy struck again. Doctors informed Bei Bei that Angel would not survive and needed to be taken off life support. She was so devastated she had to be sedated.

Bei Bei should have been allowed to grieve, heal, and begin to rebuild her life. But shortly after she left the hospital, she was charged with murder under an Indiana law intended to punish third parties who attack pregnant women and cause them to lose their pregnancies. She spent over a year in jail and is now awaiting trial on bail. 

Bei Bei is not a criminal. I teach Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies at Butler University in Indianapolis and I reached out to Bei Bei when I heard about her story. The woman I’ve come to know is a kind, shy soul who has struggled to overcome the mental health issues that led to her suicide attempt.

Terry Curry, Marion County Prosecutor, seems to be the only person in the state who wants to try Bei Bei with murder and he is the only person with the power to do so. Even the legislators who wrote the law being used against her say it was never intended to be applied to pregnant women. If Bei Bei is convicted it not only ruins any chance she might have to rebuild her life but sets a dangerous legal double standard for pregnant women suffering from mental health issues. Moreover, it would establish a basis for investigating and possibly arresting every pregnant woman who experiences a pregnancy loss or disagrees with her doctor’s advice.

This will not help pregnant women and babies. In fact, it will hurt them, as pregnant women who need help will be afraid to ask for it, lest they be arrested, surveilled, and harassed like Bei Bei Shuai.

Please join me in asking Terry Curry to drop the murder charges against Bei Bei Shuai, and allow a grieving woman to begin putting her life back together.


For more information and to donate to Bei Bei’s legal defense fund, please visit:

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    1. Reached 100,000 signatures
    2. Indiana's Gift to Mothers: Murder Charges for Miscarriages

      Shelby Knox
      Senior Campaigner

      Within days of Mothers Day, the Indiana Supreme Court denied Bei Bei Shuai’s motion for
      transfer. In so doing, they upheld the ruling of a mid-level appellate court, which says that
      feticide and fetal murder laws, intended to punish people who hurt...

    3. Bei Bei Shuai: Released on bail but still not free. Support still needed!

      Brooke Beloso
      Petition Organizer

      Ms. Shuai is finally out of jail and the cage she was kept in for over a year but make no mistake - she is far from free. Her release from the Marion County jail required raising and posting a $5,000 bond -- half of which will never be returned. Ms. Shuai must also wear an electronic monitor which she must pay $12 a day for as part of her release from incarceration. She is not free of the serious criminal charges, the trauma of being incarcerated, and the burden of being a prisoner of the war on women. Ms. Shuai now faces a trial for attempted feticide and the murder of a viable fetus. She and her lawyers must find a way to fund a trial that could cost hunderds of thousands of dollars. Justice demands that the State of Indiana put an end to this misuse of the law and abuse of Ms. Shuai and drop the charges that should never have been filed in the first place.

    4. Reached 5,000 signatures
    5. Indiana Court of Appeals Declined to Drop Murder and Feticide Charges

      Brooke Beloso
      Petition Organizer

      The Indiana Supreme Court let stand a Court of Appeals decision that tells mothers that if they experience a pregnancy loss they can be charged with the crimes of feticide and murder. There is no question that the Indiana legislature passed its feticide laws to respond to third party attacks on pregnant women and not to criminalize a suicide attempt by a pregnant woman, or create criminal penalties for pregnant women who suffer miscarriages and stillbirths.
      In the only bit of good news, the Court of Appeals decision unanimously held that Ms. Shuai is entitled to bail. At the same time, however, two of the three justices held that the feticide and murder statutes may be applied to pregnant women who suffer pregnancy losses.
      Help NAPW expose the lies and deceit of the organizations that put feticide laws on the books with the promise that they would be used to protect pregnant women from third party attacks and now are silent as they are used to attack pregnant women. Please share!

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    Reasons for signing

    • marc clad NEWPORT, VT
      • 3 months ago

      What ever happened to compassion?

    • Taylor Dean BREWER, ME
      • 3 months ago


      Terry Curry, Marion County Prosecutor

      Gregory F. Zoeller, Attorney General

      Rep. Andre Carson, Indiana-07

      March 14th marked the two-year anniversary of Bei Bei Shuai’s unprecedented and inhumane arrest and prosecution for having experienced such a profound sense of depression while pregnant that she attempted to kill herself. Ms. Shuai survived and, although she did everything she could, including undergoing Cesarean surgery, to ensure that her baby survived as well, her newborn died shortly after birth.

      You arrested and charged her on the claim that Indiana’s murder statute (with the death penalty or a sentence of 45-years to-life) and attempted feticide (with a sentence of up to 20 years) may be used to punish pregnant women who cannot guarantee a healthy birth outcome. Ms. Shuai has already served a year in county jail while held there without bail and has now served another year under state control, forced to wear an electronic monitor that she herself must pay for.

      Pregnant women are not immune from the things that lead some people to attempt to end their lives. Indiana addresses attempted suicide as a public health issue, not a crime. It is wrong to have a set of separate and unequal laws for pregnant women.

      As you know, Indiana’s murder and feticide statutes were passed in response to violent attacks on pregnant women and with the promise that they would be used to protect pregnant women and the fetuses they carry from such assaults. Instead, in a blatant bait and switch maneuver you have used these laws to lock-up pregnant women.

      If this prosecution is allowed to go forward, the law will not just apply to one desperate pregnant woman who attempted suicide -- it will:

      • Create legal precedent that makes every pregnant or potentially pregnant woman subject to state surveillance, control, and punishment under the attempted feticide law, and make every pregnant woman subject to the feticide and murder laws if she cannot guarantee that her pregnancy goes to term and results in the birth of a healthy child.

      • Empower police officers to decide which of the 20-30% of pregnant women who suffer miscarriage and stillbirths each year will be subjected to bedside interrogations, arrests, prosecutions, and imprisonment.

      • Leave no doubt that women who intentionally end their pregnancies (more than 60% pf women who have abortions are already mothers) may be charged with murder if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned.

      Unless it is your intention to create a system of separate and unequal laws for pregnant women and make clear that in Indiana the Pro-Life position is the Pro-Life-Sentences-For-Pregnant-Women position, we urge you to drop all charges and Free Bei Bei Shuai now.

      Drop all charges and free Bei Bei Shuai now!


      Taylor Dean

      • 3 months ago

      As a woman I know how painful it is to loose a baby,she has to be allowed to grief the loss of her baby in peace,griefing for a baby takes forever,she will never heal,every time she sees a baby her baby`age the scar is going to open again,that`s the reason I signed this petition.

    • Rachel Curtis MCKINLEYVILLE, CA
      • 5 months ago

      The baby dying is not her fault. Why would someone do that to her?

      • 5 months ago

      pass this


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