To help the Muslims in Burma that are being part of an ethnic genocide
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To help the Muslims in Burma that are being part of an ethnic genocide

    1. Concerned  Muslimah
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      Concerned Muslimah

      Hamilton, Canada

What is an ‘Ethnic Cleansing’? [the elimination of an unwanted ethnic group or groups from a society, as by genocide or forced emigration.]

The country in question is Myanmar also known as Burma and the people are the Rohingyas- they are an ethnic group unto themselves. They are originally from Bangladesh but Burma annexed them from Bangladesh.  The cause of the conflict is that Burma no longer wants them living within the Arakan Province- there has been too much tension between the Rohingyas and the majority Buddhists who live there.  However, Bangladesh refuses to take them back and will not open its border to the Rohingyas fleeing the fighting and mass arrests.  The UN is trying to broker a deal with Bangladesh but there isn't a lot of support internationally for this deal.  There needs to be more pressure put on Bangladesh to open its borders, as well pledges in assistance made from the international community since it is a refugee issue. Bangladesh already has 300,000 Rohingyas living within its country in refugee camps- they don't want anymore. But since this is a question of genocide- it is important to get the people to safety first. These are the issues: Muslims need to be well read first, then come up with a plan second. 


I am going to try to set up a pledges through Islamic Relief. They are well known support that can get the help to the needed country without any doubts. Once I get the link to it, I will add it to the petition as well. Please donate so these Muslims have a place to live and eat for the time being. 


They are burning people, throwing infants on swords and its all state sponsored. The president of Burma, Thein Sein has said that these people do not belong to Burma and the UN should take them as refugees – the UN has refused and/or putting very little effort in doing anything at all. 

The UN has refused to take the citizens of Burma, Muslims as refugees. WHY do we have a UN ? If they cannot support the citizens of the WORLD, there is no need for them. Therefore I have organized this petition to get the UN to take them as refugees or have Bangladesh take them back as refugees. 

Some have tried to escape to Bangladesh to avert senseless killing but Bangladesh refused to take them in and have sent them back. According to independent research, these people are the most persecuted on the planet and also the most destitute. They literally have nowhere to go and wait for their disturbing death.

Please share this story about the Muslims in Burma and spread this petition around the World so we can START making a difference instead of watching the world make a difference for us.

Jazkallah Khairun (Thank you), 

Concerned Muslimah  


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    • imranur rahman BARKING, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 year ago

      Why should religious differences result in violence, there should be no compulsion in faith. Mujeebdad, London.

    • warda boroot DETROIT, MI
      • over 1 year ago

      because i care

    • louie jooba CHESTER, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      because i am human.

      • about 2 years ago

      Because this is wrong and it needs to be stopped

    • Ayesha Imran CALGARY, CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      1000 people are dieing, and there should be something done about it.


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