Mojang AB - MineCon 2013 Ticket Failure: Sell Minecon 2013 tickets at the door!

Mojang AB - MineCon 2013 Ticket Failure: Sell Minecon 2013 tickets at the door!

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      M L

      Tampa, FL

The Eventbrite website had crashed many times no matter how the person handled the ticket selling process.


There was no time-zone fairness, because barely anyone LIVING in Florida could recive tickets!

I personally live in Tampa FL, only an hour away from Orlando. For all of 3 batches we had waited an hour beforehand practicing our clicking and refreshing skills. None of that mattered because the Eventbrite Website could not handle the amount of people trying to purchase tickets.

On all three batches we had chosen two tickets and pressed order now within 3 seconds.

The Eventbrite website told me that great minds think alike. Then it had said the tickets are unavailable.

This process didn't work and was completely unfair.

Eventbrite had no means of Vercaptcha, and proof is surfacing on reddit that people DDoS'ed the site:

Also, the orange county convention center can handel WAY more that 7,500 people. Exact infromation on how massive the convention center is can be found here: (From the convention centers official website) We agree that cons are better when small, but theres still plenty of room to seel additional tickets without overpopulating the experience!


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! Please sign it and tell your friends! Thats how all petitions get started!


Sign the Petition! Spread the word!

#Minecon2013 #FixMinecon


Resell the Minecon 2013 tickets in a fair and equal way that benefits the people who are truly attending the event, not scalping tickets! Achieve this by selling Minecon tickets "At the door." And an official response from Mojang!

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    2. 200 Sigs, and contact with Mojang!

      M L
      by M L
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks all of you who have signed!
      We now have over 200 signatures, but we still need to keep receiving more! News from the @MojangSupport twitter account shows that our petition has been given to the event planners!

      Thanks Gabriel Bélanger for bringing this to our attention!

      So now we need to show them what we mean by "upset"! Keep telling people about the petition and tweet using #FixMinecon !

      Together we can try to get tickets!

      Even though this petition is a desperate attempt at change, it cant hurt to try! The more people who sign, the better chance we have.
      Keep Complaining! (Im glad Im not the only one!)

    3. Reached 200 signatures
    4. 100 of us!

      M L
      by M L
      Petition Organizer

      Wow! We have reached 100 signatures already! Its important that we don't stop now! Keep telling everyone you know, and give them this link:

      We've decided to narrow down our request to Mojang, and ask them to sell tickets "at the door." We believe this is a valid and fair request, because then only people who are dedicated, and ACTUALLY want to attend will buy a ticket.

      Let us know what you think, and keep spreading the word about the petition, it doesn't stop here!

      Thanks! #Minecon2013 #FixMinecon

    5. Reached 100 signatures
    6. We already have 80 signatures!

      M L
      by M L
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks a ton to those of you who have signed! Please continue telling your friends and tweeting with this link:
      #Minecon2013 #FixMinecon Keep complaining!

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    Reasons for signing

      • 6 months ago

      So I can get Minecon tickets the fair way.

    • Michael Pena SAGINAW, MI
      • 8 months ago

      I plan to go to MineCon for the first time this year and PLAN on getting tickets. The way they handle it current is ridiculous;

    • Cameron Krouch SUGAR LAND, TX
      • 9 months ago

      Same thing happened to me as Matt.

    • noah ball WATERTOWN WI, WI
      • 12 months ago

      i love minecon and wish to get to it but cant because of this

    • Liam Hennessy AUSTRALIA
      • 12 months ago

      I knew from the announcement I wouldn't be going, as I would not be able to afford it, but I still think that this is unjust, and tickets should be sold at the door. The door I will never reach.


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