International Skating Union (ISU): Open Investigation into Judging Decisions of Women's Figure Skating and Demand Rejudgement at the Sochi Olympics
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International Skating Union (ISU)

International Skating Union (ISU): Open Investigation into Judging Decisions of Women's Figure Skating and Demand Rejudgement at the Sochi Olympics

    1. Petition by

      Jessica L

      Vancouver, Canada

UPDATE: Okay, so I have been getting a lot of comments about this petition and want to clarify some things. 

1. Katrina Witt's twit: comments about her never twitting that quote has been given. So here's the video clip that is pretty much what her twit was about.

2. Superior technical points for Sotnikova: This is the MAIN opposition we are getting. But I am not concerned about the technical points; yes Adelina's program was composed of "more jumps (by 1) and more difficulty" I do NOT doubt that. What this WHOLE petition is concerned with, at least for my rationale for organizing it, is the GOE's (Grade of Execution) for both SHORT and FREE program which are grades given by judges to how the skater performed each jump/skill - I demand this SUBJECTIVITY to be TRANSPARENT and NOT ANONYMOUS ANYMORE!

And a surprising article also came out today and I am curious how this will be defended:


The following public figures' twit will give you a good gist of what happened:

Bill Plaschke (American Sports Journalist) "Kim didn't win...unbelievable...scandal written all over this...Russian Sotnikova wins, fans going crazy, Kim disappears, wrong, wrong" 

Alex Goldberger (Olympics Researcher at NBC) "Adelina Sotnikova was excellent tonight, but Yuna Kim was robbed"

Terra Findlay (Canadian ice dancer) "I'm speechless. Yuna Kim, you are a queen"

NBC Olympics (Official Twitter) "Yuna Kim wins Silver. 17 year old Sotnikova wins Gold, and Kostner wins bronze. Do you agree with the results?"

ESPN Official Website News Article titled "Home Cooking", "Home-Ice Advantage" 

CBC Commentary: "That's a shock...Did you see that coming" (of Sotnikova winning) "Well I think I saw a medal coming, I'm just not sure we thought it was going to be that one" "As caught up in the moment as I was... I'm still stuck on quality of skating that Yuna Kim has, and the moments where you see jarring images during Sotnikova that she's not ready yet ...The judges have their job and I really look forward to looking at it again so I can see it with fresh eyes but yes I am sitting here a little stunned"

New York Times: "Comparing the Jumps of Sotnikova and Yu-na" included rating of Sotnikova's Triple Flip and Double axel as "Poor" in the free program and Yu-na's ratings consisted of Good only. 
As you can probably tell, the world was keeping an eye on Yuna Kim who has set a World Record for the history of Women's Figure Skating, to defend her gold medalist title this Sochi Olympic 2014. The free skating event took place this morning and nobody denies the fact the Sotnikova did present to her potential. She did an amazing job and showed amazing performance. The one mistake she made was the stumbling after one of her jumps which was - although small - quite visible even to the public who do not know professional knowledge of figure skating. Nevertheless, she achieved her best score of 149.95 which was 0.11 away from Yu-na Kim's world record of 150.06 at the Vancouver Olympics. This comparison illustrates the home advantage already although I do admit that rules have changed since then but we are talking of quality of programme here. 

Next up was Yuna Kim, she skated and her performance can be shown through what the CBC commenters said "this woman has no equal". She did show tiny unstable landing in one of her jumps, but relative to the stumble shown by Sotnikova, it was not as visible and she carried on with superb acting performance. "If you were to write a textbook, that would be how to do it", "Nobody compares to the flow she takes as she jumps and on the landings, nobody" (CBC)

Even the night before in the short programme, an evaluation sheet from the judges were made public which showed 0 in one of Yuna's jumps - in the short program where she made no mistakes at all which already shocked the Korean people. This was the beginning of the scandal but with the free program left, I hoped for a change (foolish hope). As well as the fact that they put 4 Russian people as judges out of the 14, AND 4 judges out of 9 on the day of free program being from the former Soviet Bloc...really says something. But the score in the free program has added on to the unfairness of what's supposed to be the fairest of all competitions - the Olympics. The corruption needs to be made visible and needs to be corrected.

The above quotes are chosen because they are stated by well-known figures, however, the rest of the public is demanding justice. But of course, we, as just citizens, know that our voice is weak and we may not have a chance to change anything. But this is crucial. And this petition may help towards bringing fairness back into the Olympics that showed so much corruption ironically. Yuna does not care about the medal since Gold was not in her utmost desires but it is the unfairness being observed by EVERYONE in the world except Russia. I dearly wish to prevent this from happening to any other athletes in the future. They need to acknowledge that yes, Sotnikova wrote the history in Russia but HISTORY IS FULL OF BIAS THAT NEEDS TO BE CORRECTED. This is NOT for Yuna Kim, this is for the FAIR SPORTSMANSHIP THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE CENTRAL TO THE WORLD EVENT OF THE OLYMPICS. 

Please sign up!

International Skating Union (ISU), ISU Office: Chemin de Primerose 2, Lausanne, Switzerland
Numerous people from all over the world have portrayed concern towards the judging system of the Women's Figure Skating at Sochi 2014. This petition is demanding an open investigation into judging decisions in women's figure skating, and demand rejudgement at the Sochi Olympics.

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    1. Statistical Analysis

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      Bias removed, gold should have been awarded to Kim, Sotnikova bronze at best.

      Sochi Stat Analysis

      Statistical Analysis of Sochi Ladies Figure Skating results. For more details, please see:

    2. Optimum Solution: "Negotiate with Russia"

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      Park Sang Gi (BNE Consulting. Co. CEO)
      "Would Russia accept and take Sotnikova's gold to give to Yuna Kim? Impossible. Then, awarding a joint-gold medal to put Yuna Kim while keeping their first womens single figure skating medal may be advantageous even to Russia, here KOC/KSU's job is to negotiate and make Putin agree"

      "With the complaint, IOC and ISU must face the scandal officially but here, they will never accept biased judgment (it's just the reality) so, the global media must help to push the matter further. The problem is, with the media it will cause criticisms towards Putin but look at Putin, he has conquered Crimean Peninsula - he already has not a positive image in the international relations - and half if Western Europe depends on gas from Russia and this will have impact on ISU. SO making that negotiation will make Putin, IOC,ISU look good"

    3. Other Movements

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      Golden Yuna Facebook Page

      Petition by Disenfranchised Members of the Skating Community
      "Requesting the resignation of Ottavio Cinquanta from the presidency of the International Skating Union"

      Petition by Stacey Lazek
      "Apologize and give Yuna Kim the gold medal back. Purify ISU Judging system and and give everyone solemn words that ISU will not be affected by sponsorship and lobbying, for the sake of sportsmanship."

    4. April 17 - IOC receives complaint, result should be out this week

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      ISU receives South Korea complaint over figure skating judging

      Korea Skating Union is protesting the makeup of judges, not the results.

    5. An Official Post by a Figure Skating Official/REFEREE - Sonia Bianchetti

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer



      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      Here's another movement by DC YUNA Gallery for the injustice prevalent in the figure skating arena. It is an email to Ethics Commission of IOC, urging an investigation into any possible breaches of Code of Ethics made by the judges.



    7. Apology to Sotnikova?

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      A petition to oppose us. I honestly, in my opinion, think that Sotnikova deserves an apology for ONE reason and ONLY that reason: for all the swearing and personally offending her personal traits; because nobody deserves that I do think that some Korean netizens went over the line out of their anger.. BUT the results are results, facts are facts, I do not feel sorry for what has been said about her performance and her scores. Sorry!

    8. Protest letter, no effect?

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      The IOC Spokesperson Mark Adams had said the letter would not trigger an investigation. But KOC or KSU are not doing anything further to answer this... Who can put pressure to KOC?????

      Petition protesting Russian figure skater's win garners record number of signatures

      Feb. 20, 2014: Adelina Sotnikova of Russia, centre, Yuna Kim of South Korea, left, and Carolina Kostner of Italy stand on the podium during the flower ceremony for the women's free skate figure skating final at the Iceberg Skating Palace during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

    9. Analysis of the Scores

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      News, opinion and aggregation on business, politics, entertainment, technology, global and national - The Wire

      Since the minute Adelina Sotnikova won her Olympic figure skating gold medal last week, a growing chorus of people, including skating legends like Kurt Browning and Katarina Witt, have questioned Sotnikova's scores and alleged that her historic win was due to Russian rigging.

    10. Visual Illustration

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      Here is a great video EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH!!!! C'mon people the decision is not yet made let's invite more people to sign sign sign!

      History Repeats Itself: Figure Skating Scandal in Sochi

      Uploaded by Lee Lena on 2014-02-23.

    11. ISU Shut Down "Contact-Us" Page

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      Well I just gave a visit to ISU's website and they happen to have taken down the contact us page where people can send emails to them! Probably due to the heavy, heavy, volume they were getting from a lot of us among the 1.9 million! :)


    12. Evidence of Rigged System

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      Sent in by a petition participant! Thank you!

      Evidence That Yuna Kim Was Robbed Out of A 2014 Winter Olympic Gold Medal

      The South Korean media is beginning to report on the 2014 Sochi Olympic figure skating controversy where many believe that defending Olympic figure skating champion Yuna Kim was cheated out of a gold medal by the Russians. You can read more about the controversy at the below link: Was Kim Yuna Cheated Out of A 2014 Olympic Figure Skating Gold Medal?

    13. Official Protest Sent! Read the Article!

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer
      South Korea protests women's figure skating result

      The South Korean Olympic Committee has protested the results of the women's figure skating competition, although the sport's international governing body said Saturday it has not yet received the letter. International Skating Union rules always have required such protests be filed immediately after the event.

    14. 1Hr Ago! KOC sent an Official Complaint Letter to IOC!

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      IOC has repeatedly mentioned "with no official complaint, no 'petition' will have any impact"

      Well just an hour ago, Korean Olympic Committee has sent in the official complaint letter to the IOC mentioning the shame felt by the decision. It asks for an action to be done according to the IOC measures and to announce their official position.

      Let's cross our fingers... this is our last hope

    15. Shock...

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      The ISU officials have responded to KSU's request of "reviewing"... As I expected... "Review" won't do anything. Korea must demand "official protest" that the ISU keeps bringing up !
      "ISU has not received any official protest with regard to the Ladies’ Free Skating event or any other event held during the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games and is confident in the high quality and integrity of the ISU judging system"

    16. Hugs for the Winner?

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      A picture of two female judges congratulating the Gold Medalist.
      The Red Arrow points to Alla Shekhovtseva, a Russian judge who is married to the Russian federation's president.

      Does this say something?

      유머는?L T E - Mobile Uploads | Facebook

      유머는?L T E posted this photo on 2014-02-21. 342 likes. 9 comments. 1 shares.

    17. Lets Get To The Bottom of This!

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      What Will They Say Now?

      Brennan: Official says judges slanted toward Adelina Sotnikova

      SOCHI -- The reverberations of an Olympic judging decision that will be questioned for some time continued to be felt Friday around the figure skating world.

    18. Nothing Prompts calls for swift action like a women's figure skating

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you everyone! We are being heard!

      Nothing Prompts Calls For Swift Action Like a Women's Figure Skating Controversy

      As my colleague Jessica Winter has already documented, Russian Adelina Sotnikova's upset figure-skating victory over reigning Olympic champion Yuna Kim of South Korea yesterday has plenty of people suggesting that that the fix was in. Among those wondering aloud if the Eastern European-dominated judge's panel gave the gold to an...

    19. Reached 1,000,000 signatures
    20. Sochi 2014: Controversy as Russian Adelina Sotnikova upsets Korean favourit

      Jessica L
      Petition Organizer
      Sochi 2014: Controversy as Russian Adelina Sotnikova upsets Korean favourite Kim Yu-Na to snatch figure skating gold medal

      Russia's Adelina Sotnikova rode a powerful wave of national emotion to win a controversial Olympic figure skating title on Thursday as the Sochi Games felt shockwaves from Ukraine's bloody civil unrest. Sotnikova, 17, captured Russia's first ever women's individual gold as defending champion and red-hot favourite Kim Yu-Na was dumped into the silver medal position.

    21. Reached 2,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • 남민병수 원주시, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
      • 2 days ago

      연아 누나 화이팅

    • jungwoon-hyeon 창원시, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
      • 3 days ago

      김연아 선수님은 누구보다 노력했기에 세계 1위의 자리에 섰습니다. 그분은 비록 은퇴하셨지만, 소트니코바의 매우 미흡했던 경기가 어떤 이유로 완벽한 김연아 선수의 경기보다 더 높은 점수가 나왔는지 이해할 수 없고, 이에 매우 화가 나는군요. ISU는 공식적인 사과와 함께 합당하고, 정당한 금메달리스트인 김연아 선수님에게 금메달을 드려야 한다고 생각합니다.

    • Soon Beng Chow KLANG, MALAYSIA
      • 7 days ago

      For the survival of sport in the spirit of sportmanship and not political shits.

    • 이충애 춘천시, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
      • 7 days ago

      제가 지금 이 순간 최고 수준의. 하지만 이번 주 금요일 오후 서울 여의도 당사에서 열린 최고위원회의에서 모두발언을 하고 있다

    • 최 예빈 인천광역시, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
      • 8 days ago

      Kim yuna

      Because she is perfect


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