Enforce the current Law prohibiting the poisoning of stray Cats and Dogs which is being flouted by many communities and municipalities across Greece.
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Enforce the current Law prohibiting the poisoning of stray Cats and Dogs which is being flouted by many communities and municipalities across Greece.

    1. Mark Carter
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      Mark Carter

      Messingham, United Kingdom

The indiscriminate poisoning of  innocent animals is a terrible crime and a nation cannot be called civilized if they allow animal abuse to go unpunished. We have to respect the animals right to live in this world.

Despite the current legislation regarding animal welfare in Greece which prohibits the poisoning of stray animals, many communities  and municipalities across Greece are not enforcing the current law and are turning a blind eye to the barbaric practice.of mass poisonings. Many  innocent Pets are also killed in turn. We would ask the Greek government to enforce the legislation rigourously and severely punish those that flout the current laws.

The Greek government do not offer state subsidies for the problem of its stray animal population and it is left to the private animal welfare activists and charities  to carry out this work. The Greek government should offer subsidies and implement a program of spaying and neutering to solve this ongoing problem which would not only improve its standing in the civilised world but attract the many tourists that stay away because of its poor animal welfare record.

 In addition, the foreign veterinarians who offer to carry out the urgently needed neutering and spaying programs are hindered from entering Greece to carry out their vital work to bring down the stray animal populations and this needs to change.

Recenlty. the Forest Service was threatening to close down the Cat Sanctuary in Kalithea on Rhodes, Shelters like these offer welfare to the many abandoned, diseased and stray animals found throughout Greece. Many attempt to re-home them, get them neutered and treat any disease they may have. These shelters should be encouraged. and subsidised throughout Greece in an effort to solve the perennial problem of overpopulation of Cats and Dogs. Most of these shelters are run by volunteers and are vital to the welfare of the stray Cat and Dog populations.


The bad treatment of animals is for many foreigners the most important reason for not desiring to visit Greece  and this can only have a negative impact on the tourist industry that Greece so badly needs to sustain its  struggling economy.

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    • Angela Garlant LINCOLN, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 7 days ago

      Animals have the right to live. They are not second rate to mankind and deserve kindness and respect. I will not visit Greece whilst their animal welfare laws are so poor! Shame on the Greek nation for allowing these horrors to continue!

      • 11 days ago

      I have just returned from the Cyclades and, especially on the island of Mykonos, learned about the systematic poisoning of stray animals, and the lack of interest of the Greek government to set up neutering programmes on any of the Greek islands. The amount of strays is indeed a problem, why on earth does the government do nothing, when so many islands rely on tourism?

      • about 1 month ago

      because the people, who do this are not human and should be stopped - Greece is a cespool of human waste and degradation and it is time to uphold the laws and common decency and deal with this...

      • 2 months ago

      I love greece but won't visit again until the animal cruelty/ poisoning stops! It's barbaric

    • Helen Mullen RHODOS, GREECE
      • 2 months ago

      It's a vile and cowardly act and the local government do nothing to follow the law and aid prosecution.


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