Give us back the option to exclude Keyword Close Variants from Adwords Campaigns
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Give us back the option to exclude Keyword Close Variants from Adwords Campaigns

    1. Bryant Garvin
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      Bryant Garvin

      Provo, UT

First of all, this is just the latest in a string of changes Google AdWords has made to eliminate advertiser control, all in the name of "simplification" or marketed as an "upgrade".

Anyone who is actively involved in paid search understands why this is a bad move. This was already a "default" option, so unsophisticated and inexpereienced marketers already were not excluding this option. However the 3-5% of large and very experienced advertisers who excluded this option in specific instances had a very good reason to do so!

This change is double impacted for those long sales cycles like B2B where advertisers first "conversion" is never the $$ conversion so they need to track how keywords/queries perform over time, in a system outside of AdWords (like a CRM). Why? Well earlier this year AdWords also decided to exclude Paid Advertisers from seeing search queries in the referring URL, which is how you were able to track query to conversion not keyword in long sales cycles.

This made exact match keywords even more important because that was the only paramater left that you could easily pass into the CRM or other system outside of AdWords to track long sales cycles. Now that has been eliminated.

Bottom-line this is bad for advanced advertisers and should be rolled back so those of us who "know what we are doing" can still do what we do best!

Join other PPC Practitioners and tell Google that we are tired of the "improvements" they have been making.

For more reasons why this isn't "good" check out this blog post from Brad Geddes -

Give us back the option to exclude Keyword Close Variants from Adwords Campaigns

We are tired of you taking our ability to effectively control our spend and optimize performance on AdWords!

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    2. Some Conversation with Google

      Bryant Garvin
      Petition Organizer

      So I have had a little conversation with some internal folks at Google. They have asked for some feedback and are discussing this change, which means they realize they have pissed off some people.

      My suggestion to all of you, is send a copy of this petition, with the link to your AdWords reps if you have them. The more people we get talking internally about how upset advertisers are by this the better chance we have of getting this rolled back.



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    • Olaf Schulz GERMANY
      • 1 day ago

      Wegen der fehlenden Wahlmöglichkeit

    • Bret Bidenko AUSTRALIA
      • 6 days ago

      It's killing my life and i want it back.

      • 9 days ago

      We need to keep our RIGHT to control how we spend our money!

    • Rafal Szczypka DUBLIN, IRELAND
      • 9 days ago

      To have control over my campaigns and know where my money goes

    • Karl Smales YORK, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 9 days ago

      Close variant matches unfortunately bring in clicks that are not all relevant on many of my campaigns.. These campaigns will become unmanageable if I have to keep adding negatives to combat it.. This change will just make my life a lot harder! We should have a choice! Not impressed as this does just seem like a ploy to get more money from campaigns, when some of my campaigns are only just profitable as it is!


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