Bring Back The Choice of Pizza and French Fries
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Bring Back The Choice of Pizza and French Fries

    1. Madeline Taylor
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      Madeline Taylor

      Florence, SC

  • Students are choosing not to eat because of limited choices.
  • The school is losing limited resources because lunches are just being thrown away.
  • Athletes need calories from appetizing food for intense after school practices.
  • Hunger makes concentrating hard which causes a decrease in grades.
  • School lunch is not appealing, even to a hungry student.
  • Teachers are noticing students that skip eating become more sluggish and unable to acheive full potential.
  • Many students are involved in phyical activities and don't need to take in less calories.
  • Students are not being given choices for healthy and appetizing food
  • Pizza and fries was a popular choice that is being taken away from students, leaving us with no appetizing alternatives. 
  • Schools should be able to bring this back in a healthy way.  
  • Until then, students will be hungry and lunches will continue to be thrown in the trash

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    • maria villa DADE CITY, FL
      • 8 days ago

      We have tried to encourage my boys to eat the school lunch and it is just not been successful. They come home hungry ASKING FOR FOOD....most days I have something ready. I remember school lunch was one of my favorite.... Savory lunches n lunchroom ladies were pleasant to talk to. You walk in to school lunch rooms and you don't get this feeling anymore. My family receives food stamps so my kids qualify for free lunch so I tell them to try and eat the food because its a din to throw food away but their response is NOBODY EATS IT MOM...I S DISGUSTING... I think its money from our farmers being thrown away. If my boys are hungry throughout the are their brains supposed to work on concentrating on curriculum? How about the kids that all they eat is school lunch and they aren't even eating that..,

    • Kesha Moore FLORENCE, SC
      • 8 days ago

      I believe it should be brought back for finical reasons

    • cindy holman SOCIAL CIRCLE, GA
      • 8 days ago

      It is important to me because my daughter doesn't eat lunch at school because she says it doesn't taste good to her and she comes home hungry and gets headaches from not eating.

    • samuel major GARLAND, TX
      • 16 days ago

      I want food in our school

    • Marquana Garland FLORENCE, SC
      • 17 days ago

      I'm signing because high school students should have a choice not be forced. They are not going to eat that supposedly healthy food whether you try to make it an issue or not. At the end of the day its a waste of time and its better if students eat versus not eating so bring back the regular foods that are actually fitting for a normal human being to eat.


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