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Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa
Mr Kgalema Petrus Motlanthe
Minister of International Relations and Co-operation
Ms Maite M. Nkoana-Mashabane
Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development
Mr J.T. Radebe
Minister of Environmental and Water Affairs
Ms B.E. Molewa
Minister of Trade and Development
Dr Rob Davies
Minister of Tourism
Mr Marthinus van Schalkwyk
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Ms Tina Joemat-Pettersson
Minister of Communications
Ms D. Pule
President of the Republic of South Africa
Mr Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma
Minister in the Presidency: Performance Monitoring, Evaluation
Mr Ohm Collins Chabane

Act NOW SA Government - end Rhino Killings & Imminent Extinction

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      Johannesburg, South Africa

4 March 2012:  Open Letter to President Zuma - https://www.facebook.com/s24rc/posts/313683755355585 

3 March 2012:  Press Statement - https://www.facebook.com/notes/section-24-rights-coalition-ngo-on-protection-of-the-environment/press-release-2012-02-03-world-solutions-to-illegal-rhino-horn-trade-required/312508772139750 

22 February 2012:  President Zuma and the nine cabinet members received the Rhino Ultimatum files.

Each month sees more than 50 rhino brutally hacked for their horns.  Our Collective Voice will reduce that to zero. 

The Rhino species - a World Heritage icon and a cornerstone species of the Big 5 - is held in trust by the South African government for our and future generations.  Rhino survival stands on a knife edge today.  South African government ministers must uphold their Oaths of Office.

Read the 9 point plan and the Declaration of Intent - the two key elements in the Rhino Ultimatum. 

1.  MORATORIUM ON THE ISSUING OF RHINO TROPHY-HUNTING PERMITS, until corruption surrounding these permits are eradicated, and until such time as the issuing of these permits is fully transparent and follows good governance principles as laid down by the King III Commission of 2009.

2. MORATORIUM ON THE SALE OF STATE OWNED RHINO until a complete census of Rhino population numbers has been commissioned and completed. 

3. A COMPLETE CENSUS of the Rhino population in South Africa, to ascertain with ACCURACY the number of living black and white Rhino, monitored and audited by an independent conservation body.

4. LIFT THE GAG ORDER on vital Rhino death statistics and information.

5.  EVALUATE THE RHINO HORN TREATMENT INITIATIVE endorsed by South African and international wildlife conservationists as an immediate, effective, holistic and sustainable solution to the Rhino carnage.

6. CLARIFY GOVERNMENT INTENTION with regard to the trade in Rhino horn. Do not consider participating in bogus medicine fraud.

7. DESTROY ALL STOCK-PILED RHINO HORN.  Any talk of trade in Rhino horn simply fuels the 'medicine' myth and is destructive to the survival of the Rhino species.


9. ENGAGE THE PEOPLES' REPUBIC OF CHINA, a co-signatory to the 1993 CITES agreement, for the purpose of trans-national co-operation to end the trade in animal body parts, including all diplomatic measures at the SA government's disposal, invoking multi-national alliances and economic sanctions.

On Sunday 22 April 2012, should Government fail to act satisfactorily, we will implement immediate boycott action of certain South African economic segments that fail to support the rhino, namely:

1. South African agricultural exports
2. South African services exports

Sign this petition today to voice support for extreme pressure to be placed on the SA Government, which have failed to live up to promises made in Section 24 of the Constitution (protection of the environment).

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      • over 2 years ago

      The situation is desperate. We must all help the Rhinos now!

      • over 2 years ago

      The South African government have now decided not to go ahead and ask CITES to lift the ban on Rhino horn trade. The next debate will be in 2019.

      As of this petition now being being made corrupt we now ask again that all signatroies of our work remove themselfs of this petition as Section 24 Rights Coalition and Rhino Ultimatim Marriane De Plusiss aka Sky Savannah only support a "temporay ban on hunting" and not a full ban as listed in point number (1)..

      We will also post this on to Rhino Conservation Project too. We will not have the European names that have signed this petition mostly Animal Liberation Front members placed in danger by stupid un-thought of comments.

    • juan carlos balma BALNEARIA, ARGENTINA
      • over 2 years ago

      los unicos que cazan por deporte son los humanos deberiamos llamarnos animales y los propios animales deverian ser los humanos si el humano tiene razonamiento y eso lo diferencia porque mata por matar??

    • karen van rheede GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA
      • over 2 years ago

      we are sick and tired of the goverment not taking action to save our rhinos

    • Liz Van der Merwe GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA
      • over 2 years ago

      I agree that stronger steps have to be taken to secure their future, and the rhino killings are out of control.


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